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The Modern Algorithmic Toolbox (CS168), Spring 2016-2017
- Consistent hashing
- Property-preserving lossy compression
- Similarity Search, Nearest Neighbor, Dimension Reduction, LSH
- Generalization and Regularization
- Linear-Algebraic Techniques
- Spectral Graph Theory
- Sampling and Estimation
- The Fourier Perspective
- Sparse Vector/Matrix Recovery
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[1703.02826] A Linear Extrinsic Calibration of Kaleidoscopic Imaging System from Single 3D Point
This paper proposes a new extrinsic calibration of kaleidoscopic imaging system by estimating normals and distances of the mirrors. The problem to be solved in this paper is a simultaneous estimation of all mirror parameters consistent throughout multiple reflections. Unlike conventional methods utilizing a pair of direct and mirrored images of a reference 3D object to estimate the parameters on a per-mirror basis, our method renders the simultaneous estimation problem into solving a linear set of equations. The key contribution of this paper is to introduce a linear estimation of multiple mirror parameters from kaleidoscopic 2D projections of a single 3D point of unknown geometry. Evaluations with synthesized and real images demonstrate the performance of the proposed algorithm in comparison with conventional methods.
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