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Analysis | Lindsey Graham’s remarkably tepid defense of John McCain after Trump’s attacks
It would be one thing to stand up for McCain’s actual conduct or even to rebut specific allegations without mentioning Trump, but Graham does none of that here. It’s about as vanilla a defense as you could imagine. It’s the kind of thing you would expect from basically any senator who is forced into commenting on Trump’s controversies.

And to be clear, this isn’t just inside-baseball politics. This is the kind of thing that could affect McCain’s legacy inside the party whose nomination he won in 2008. Trump is accusing Graham’s friend of truly awful things: betrayal of the party and even a conspiracy to hijack an election. Graham says nothing about McCain’s “service will ever be changed or diminished,” but that’s what’s happening here.

Graham doesn’t seem willing to go there and risk a rift with Trump, given his own political considerations. But Trump is very much forcing him to choose between those two things. And the more Trump continues to attack a recently deceased war hero, the more difficult it would seem for Graham to continue playing this game. What happens when Trump accuses McCain of something even worse than conspiring with Democrats against him? Graham needs to ask how much he’s willing to turn a blind eye to.
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march 2019 by jtyost2
so I guess it’s unthinkable that Russian could have had any influence on trumps Syria decision? Not…
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december 2018 by kkryszczun
The way he's groveling for Trump, knows something about going low.
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october 2018 by mikeschinkel
and have worked together before. On the very controversial…
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september 2018 by andriak
Lindsey Graham's 'Religious War'
Graham’s comments illustrate one of the most fascinating dynamics of the Trump era: Trump exposes the character of the politicians around him. As a political force, anti-Trump conservatism is dead. That means GOP members of Congress who consider Trump an ignorant, narcissistic, lying, authoritarian bully (and according to Bob Corker, many do) face a choice between their principles and their jobs. Corker and Jeff Flake have chosen the former. Most of their colleagues have chosen the latter. But none has done so as loudly as Lindsey Graham.
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november 2017 by jbertsche

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