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Beagle is a real-time learning platform for active and inquiry-based classes. Beagle maps and analyzes student discussions and projects so that you can provide the best, targeted support.
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20 days ago by gdw
Satan Claus - Chapter 1 - sanctuary_for_all - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A misspelled letter causes Lucifer to accidentally stumble his way into some Christmas spirit. Being Lucifer, he drags everyone else along with him.

(Or, as Trixie put it, "It's like 'Nightmare Before Christmas' with less kidnapping.")
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7 weeks ago by bekap
This came up in a drag & drop UI discussion today. ...
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august 2017 by Brodowski
The Hard Work of Poverty: Linda Tirado’s Hand to Mouth
The majority of all poverty in the U.S. is the result of forces beyond individual control. This is not ideology or bias but social science, and it is time we stopped humoring ignorance out of misplaced concern for “fairness” or “objectivity”. Just as we dismiss those who deny the evidence of global climate change, so should we mock those who insist that if people only tried harder they wouldn’t be poor. It’s a lie, and Hand to Mouth shows in painstaking human detail how it is a lie and why it is a lie.
Stephen  Pimpare  Linda  Tirado  Poverty 
march 2017 by dbourn
Linda LaBeija - Urgent
This song is a reminder to everyone and myself that we are all responsible for the murders of trans women. We are all responsible for trans suicides. I hope that this song inspires folks to think differently about what they can do or say to impact change or increase awareness of this issue. It is the first song completed that will be apart of a larger body of work which will speak to the black trans experience as I see fit.
Linda  LaBeija  Trans  Black  Queer  Black  Trans  Music 
january 2017 by dbourn
"a language-agnostic tuplespace for coordination of distributed programs. It is designed for distribution of both computation and storage, on disk and in memory, with pluggable storage adapters. Its programming model is small and semantically transparent: there are tuples (built from arrays, hashes, and scalars), a few operations on tuples (read, write, take), and transactions composed of these operations. This data-centric model, unlike RPC and most forms of messaging, decouples application endpoints from each other, not only in space and time, but also in referential structure: processes refer to data rather than to other processes or to channels."
(effectively an enhancement of Ruby's Rinda, albeit extremely different underlying architecture)
Although note an important bit: tuples are cached for read use on a local client, and the 'archiver' for bringing up new clients could be interesting.
repo:github  distributed  linda  programming  piperesearch  ruby 
october 2016 by mechazoidal
Linda and beyond
Checking around the web for Linda stuff:

"Grid Computing & the Linda Programming Model" (
: provides links to 'Acute', along with noting that "I expect the ...
programming  concurrency  piperesearch  linda  distributed  from notes
october 2016 by mechazoidal
Audre Lorde Magic
One of Audre’s famous sayings raced through my head: “I am myself, a black woman warrior poet doing my work — come to ask you, are you doing yours?”
Linda  Villarosa  Audre  Lorde  Blacks  Black  Queer 
august 2016 by dbourn

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