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Single-file Python/Django Deployments | Lincoln Loop
This post covers portions of my talk, Containerless Django, from DjangoCon US 2018. Deploying Python has improved significantly since I started working with it over a decade ago. We have virtualenv, pip, wheels, package hash verification, and lock files.
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10 days ago by parkergrimes
Lincoln Collaborates With 'The Atlantic' On Art Installation 06/17/2019
Lincoln, in collaboration with The Atlantic and SoftLab design studio, will unveil a free large-scale interactive public art installation in New York’s Seaport District.

Lincoln and The Atlantic partnered earlier this year as Lincoln prepared to launch the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. The automaker, its agency Hudson Rouge and Atlantic Re:think, The Atlantic’s in-house creative studio, and  SoftLab worked together to create an immersive sculptural experience entitled “The Nautilus,” in homage to the vehicle name.
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4 weeks ago by automotive
SS-100-X Lincoln became part of history with JFK tragedy - Old Cars Weekly
His son, J. Daniel Hess, said, “He didn’t work — his work was his hobby and his life.”
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8 weeks ago by oog
(5) WHAT IS A BEEFSTEAK!?: Experience Design with The Chicago Beefsteak - YouTube
Great #CX case study for Chicago steakhouse that offers personal treatment for customers and communal events
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9 weeks ago by csrollyson
RT : has withdrawn its MENDEZ NUNEZ F104 fm the ABRAHAM CVN72 strike group, citing pol…
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9 weeks ago by jokeefe
Lincoln Marketing Director Robert Parker Out 04/18/2019
Parker is one of several high-level Ford executives taking early retirement buyouts from the company, sources say. Ford's offer was open to most salaried employees in North America 55 or older with at least 10 years with Ford, those 65 or older with at least five years with the company or any age with 30 years of service, Karen Hampton, Ford spokeswoman, told the Detroit Free Press. 
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april 2019 by automotive
Lincoln Touts Sculpted Look, Quietness of All-New ’20 Corsair
The smallest Lincoln utility vehicle is “a dramatic translation” designed to turn heads, says David Woodhouse, the brand’s design director.
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april 2019 by automotive
2020 Lincoln Corsair: Big Features in a Small SUV | Edmunds
We know that the Corsair is slated to go on sale this fall, but the price has yet to be revealed. We suspect it will start around where the Ford Escape tops out, in the $30,000 range. Lincoln vehicles can get pricey when they're optioned up, but the Corsair is competing in a class where rivals top out in the $50,000 range, so we'll have to wait and see where the Corsair falls against competitors. Stay tuned to Edmunds for more information about the 2020 Lincoln Corsair as we get it.
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april 2019 by automotive
New York auto show debuts for Cadillac and Lincoln
Traditionally heavy on luxury vehicle debuts, the New York show, will include the unveiling of the Lincoln Corsair, a compact crossover that replaces the MKC. Although Cadillac doesn't have a scheduled press conference, it's expected to debut the CT5 sedan, a replacement for the ATS.
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april 2019 by automotive
Our business partner dropped some knowledge on us this evening! Had to share it! 👌🏽👍🏽🤓
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april 2019 by medicarenav

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