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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Landscape Lighting
The illumination around your commercial establishment is essential on many levels. With that said, consider the following tips!
commercial  energy  lighting 
6 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Commercial Lighting: How to Know When It is Time to Upgrade
Lighting is such an essential part of employee performance that it must be kept in top condition.
lighting  commercial  office 
7 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Strengthen Your Security Fencing with These 4 Easy Tips
With these four tips, you can continue to enjoy the look and function of your fence but with heightened security.
landscape  lighting  security-fence 
18 hours ago by Adventure_Web
kelvin/ at master · stefanwichmann/kelvin · GitHub
“Kelvin is a little helper bot who will automate the lights in your house. Its job is to adjust the color temperature and brightness in your home based on your local sunrise and sunset times and custom intervals defined by you. Think of it as f.lux or Apple's Night Shift for your home.”
kelvin  nightshift  2018  software  hue  lighting  flux 
22 hours ago by handcoding

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