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Voxel lighting | 0 FPS
Fast lighting of voxels using bit-level parallelism
voxels  math  lighting 
2 days ago by mandarin
Unity - Graphics
Everything for Lighting and Rendering in Unity
unity  tutorial  textures  lighting  rendering 
5 days ago by _nathan
How to Save Money on Your Commercial Lighting System
The commercial lighting system in your business could be the main source of where all the money allocated for utilities and electricity is going.
LED  lighting  commercial-lighting  energy-savings 
7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Unity - Unity For Artists
A collection of resources and learning material for Artists and Animators
3d-models  unity  lighting  shader  fbx 
7 days ago by _nathan
Home - OliLight - Your trusty companion!
Wearable LED lamp belt is kinda nice, not sure you really need the other safety features though...
safety  camping  wearable  LED  lamp  light  belt  hardware  electronics  devices  lighting  kickstarter 
9 days ago by asteroza
LightingTroubleshootingGuide - Epic Wiki
This Troubleshooting guide attempts to cover some of the more common problems that people come across when they first dig into the lighting and rendering systems.
gamedev  ue4  lighting 
10 days ago by jakobb
Which Autopole to buy? 2, Standard, which size ... -- Flash and Studio Lighting in forums
Correct, the Deluxe Autopole, AKA Autopole 2, has better clamping pressure which would equal greater stability.

Go with the larger ones if you plan to clamp booms to it. Remember the farther away from the riser that the weight is, the more effective torque you put on it, like adding an extension handle on a wrench.

Use autopole for boom arms? The boom arms are strong enough, but the torque will be too much to hold the Octa. This has “danger” written all over it.
autopole  advice  photography  lighting  manfrotto 
11 days ago by bwiese

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