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The switch to outdoor LED lighting has completely backfired • Gizmodo
George Dvorsky:
<p>Using satellite-based sensors, an international team of scientists sought to understand if our planet’s surface is getting brighter or darker at night, and to determine if LEDs are saving energy at the global scale. With the introduction of solid-state lighting—such as LEDs, OLEDs, and PLEDs—it was thought (and hoped) that the transition to it from conventional lighting—like electrical filaments, gas, and plasma—would result in big energy savings. According to the latest research, however, the use of LEDs has resulted in a “rebound” effect whereby many jurisdictions have opted to use even more light owing to the associated energy savings.

Indeed, as the new results show, the amount of outdoor lighting around the world has increased during the past several years. “As a result, the world has experienced widespread ‘loss of the night,’ with half of Europe and a quarter of North America experiencing substantially modified light-dark cycles,” write the researchers in the new study, which was <a href="">published today in Scientific Advances</a>.</p>

Well huh.
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Solar Lighting International
Solar Lighting International, Inc. is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of superior commercial solar lighting products. We have been producing quality solar lighting systems since 2004, when the X-35 series commercial solar light was released. SLI has a team of engineers committed to moving the industry into high quality commercial solar LED lighting. Our products are designed and engineered in the United States and are a symbol of high quality solar lighting solutions.
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2 days ago by gildenventures
InstyleLED - YouTube - YouTube
InstyleLED is an LED lighting provider. This is their Youtube channel.
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5 days ago by searchmeister
The Smart Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for Winter
Temperatures are dropping, and before we know it winter will be here.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web

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