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Precomputed lighting in Call Of Duty: Infinite War... - Activision Community
How to attach probes to large instanced models (incoming radiance decoupled from visibility)

And a ton of slides about ringing in spherical harmonics.
Siggraph17  lighting  GI  activision  LightMaps  LightProbes  SH 
yesterday by MemoryStomp
5 Tips to Light Up Your Landscaping This Fall
A well-lit landscape isn’t just for visual effect, it can also be practical.
fall  landscape  lighting 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
6 Ways to Use a 5 in 1 Reflector!
5 in 1 reflectors are crazy handy for video and photo work. In this video we cover 6 different ways to use a reflector to further control your lighting. You can find the reflector I use here on Ama…
production  lighting 
2 days ago by chipwarren
MP Lighting -wildlife lighting program
minimize adverse impacts of lighting on animal behavior
wildlife  lighting 
9 days ago by Dexxx

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