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How to disable shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate?
How to disable the Suspend and Hibernate entries in the LightDM power indicator.
howtos  2012  linux  powermanagement  questions  lightdm 
february 2017 by crahan
How do I add or manipulate Application/System Indicators in the login screen?
I would like to remove several of the Indicators that usually appear in the upper-right-hand side of the login screen. In particular, I would like to remove the accessibility, keyboard layout, power, and sound indicators, although it would be nice to know how to generically add or remove indicators. How can I do this?
ubuntu  2015  howtos  linux  questions  lightdm 
december 2016 by crahan
lightdm - startup scripts before log in
answer # 2 shows to use: display-setup-script flag in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/20-lubuntu.conf to run scripts after X startup before user login
computers  linux  distro  lubuntu  lightdm  script  os  vnc  x11vnc 
january 2016 by themanjay

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