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Featured news - New half-light half-matter particles may hold the key to a computing revolution - University of Exeter
Scientists have discovered new particles that could lie at the heart of a future technological revolution based on photonic circuitry, leading to superfast, light-based computing.
computing  light  trend 
2 days ago by euler
8mm forum
ottimo thread in cui si parla di rimuovere un pezzettino di vetro dal Sankyo Dual 1000 che permetterebbe un'immagine più luminosa
sankyo  light  super8  equipment  forum  community 
5 days ago by gilles9999
Lightbulb Neon Desk Light
Amped & Co Lightbulb Neon Desk Light
home  light  bulb  lightbulb  amped  neon 
6 days ago by girma
Lichtinstallation QED (Quantum electrodynamics) von <a href="">Hyperbinary</a>.
ncpin  ncn  Installation  Light  Art  Shortfilms  Motiondesign  Design 
8 days ago by walt74

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