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RT : is dominate by plants making up 82% by weight. The total weight of mammals is made of of 30% humans, 6…
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RT : Drifting away from the gifted visions of what makes a city 'sustainable'
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Wade Frazier
Welcome to this website. If you are interested in free energy, cancer cures that are harmless, cheap and effective, or how this planet might be healed and what some of the obstacles seem to be, you might find these pages of interest. To readers from the past: welcome back. To those new to my work, I hope that you find something worthwhile on this site.

The information on this website is freely given. Several pieces of it, and other writings of mine, have been published elsewhere. If you want to reproduce some of these writings, I ask that you also provide a link to this site and tell your readers that what you have reproduced is a small excerpt of it. Also, since this information is freely given, I do not want anybody to charge for it. Please reproduce it in the spirit in which it has been given to the world. Thank you. Alternatively, you can consider this website as licensed under CC-BY-NC.

This work defies neat categorization, and the political-economic-historical-scientific-spiritual aspects of this work pervade all of it, and are all interrelated. Nevertheless, an attempt has been made to organize this site's essays into something resembling order. In the spring and summer of 2014, before my big essay was published, I revised virtually every essay on this site, to align them with my big essay.
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RT : Oceans regulate temperatures & also account for 5% of GDP. Let's to protect :…
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Why just four seasons? Ancient Japan had 72 microseasons / Boing Boing
[twitter bot by Peter Richardson that announces them (via Max Fenton): ]


Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Boring. Ancient Japan had 72 microseasons each lasting about five days. They each have wonderfully evocative names like "Spring Winds Thaw the Ice" and "The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow." We just finished “The Bear Retreats to its Den,” and this microseason 64, falling immediately after the solstice, is called "The Common Heal-All Sprouts.


Trivia: Prunella vulgaris, aka heal-all, sprouts this time of year near the ancient Japanese capital of Nara and is depicted in figure F below:


In Japanese it is called utsubogusa ("grass-quiver") and is used in traditional medicine.

There's even a nice free app available.
The 72 Seasons app brings you photographs, illustrations, haiku poems and words based on the poetic names of the seasons, each of which depicts a subtle change in the natural world throughout the year. The app updates according to the old 72 season calendar, approximately every 5 days, allowing you enjoy an ancient yet refreshingly new way to feel the year progress, unhindered by precise dates and times.

Soon you will celebrate “Dew glistens white on grass,” or “First peach blossoms,” or “Bush warblers start singing in the mountains.” Perhaps you can even create your own local observed microsseasons."

[See also: ]
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december 2016 by robertogreco
Does the Universe Have a Purpose? Neil deGrasse Tyson, Animated | Brain Pickings
To assert that the universe has a purpose implies the universe has intent. And intent implies a desired outcome. But who would do the desiring? And what would a desired outcome be? That carbon-based life is inevitable? Or that sentient primates are life’s neurological pinnacle? Are answers to these questions even possible without expressing a profound bias of human sentiment? Of course humans were not around to ask these questions for 99.9999% of cosmic history. So if the purpose of the universe was to create humans then the cosmos was embarrassingly inefficient about it.
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december 2012 by aamoore
How Far Can Climate Change Go?: Scientific American
If humanity continues to spew greenhouse gases into the air at the current rate, we will re-create the hot, wet conditions of the Cretaceous era, some 100 million years ago.

At present, humanity is altering the climate 5,000 times faster than the pace of the most rapid natural warming episode in our planet’s past
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august 2012 by aamoore
How the First Plant Came to Be: Scientific American
life owes existence to a tiny alga eons ago that swallowed a cyanobacteria and turned it into an internal solar power plant.
The glaucophyte Cyanophora paradoxa still retains a less domesticated version of this original cyanobacteria than most other plants.
According to the analysis of C. paradoxa's genome of roughly 70 million base pairs, this capture must have occurred only once because most modern plants share the genes that make the merger of photosynthesizer and larger host cell possible. That union required cooperation not just from the original host and the formerly free-ranging
photosynthesizer but also, apparently, from a bacterial parasite. Chlamydia-like cells, such as Legionella (which includes the species that causes Legionnaire's disease), provided the genes that enable the ferrying of food from domesticated cyanobacteria, now known as plastids, or chloroplasts, to the host cell.
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