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The lost art of whistling loudly with your fingers – if stranded it could save your life - Outdoor Revival
When most people think about loud whistling, they often think about trying to get someone’s attention or perhaps even using it as a survival skill in the
16 hours ago by aghecht
Non cogito, ergo sum | 1843
How do you learn to unthink? Dylan believes the creative impulse needs protecting from self-analysis: “As you get older, you get smarter, and that can hinder you…You’ve got to programme your brain not to think too much.” Flann O’Brien said we should be “calculatedly stupid” in order to write. The only reliable cure for overthinking seems to be enjoyment, something that both success and analysis can dull. Experienced athletes and artists often complain that they have lost touch with what made the...
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multipotentialite info and resources
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Bathroom Accessories and Grooming Tools We Love: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
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Agreeing with The Four Agreements | Psychology Today
Forty years after reading Castaneda, I reconsider ancient Toltec wisdom.
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8 days ago by navegador

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