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More Weird Ways to Use Food to Clean Your Messes - The New York Times
you had many uses for vodka. (Gin, too, one reader noted, is an excellent
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7 hours ago by guyl
Maxistentialism Zine by Max Temkin — Kickstarter
"One of the biggest takeaways [of my economics major] was the concept of stock and flow. There are two kinds of quantities in the world. [...] Flow is the feed. It’s the posts and the tweets. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that remind people that you exist. Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today." - Robin Sloan
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2 days ago by bkyle
Dear tumblr, does anyone have any sun lamp...
Dear tumblr, does anyone have any sun lamp recommendations for dealing with seasonal depression?

I’m striving not to let the impending Minnesota winter knee cap me in the mood disorders, so any help with this would be appreciated 💖

I’ve had a lot of success with aquarium lights. I’ll have to dig out the box to find the brand but they were like $30 USD, mounted to my headboard pretty easy, and are both powerful and full spectrum while also not having a huge power draw or getting hot.

If it can grow coral under water, it can high beam your brain cells pretty good.
9 days ago by olanthanide
21 Uplifting and Powerful Famous Speeches That You Should Know About
"Life is not always rainbows and sunshine – we have all had days when nothing seems to be going as planned and when we find ourselves demotivated, bogged down and engulfed in sadness. On such days, when you are unable to motivate yourself, do you know what helps? Listening to powerful, motivating speeches."
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10 days ago by doglord
Stress Won’t Go Away? Maybe You Are Suffering from Chronic Stress
APA offers the following tips to address chronic stress:

Set limits.Tap into your support system. Make one health-related commitment. Enhance your sleep quality. Strive for a positive outlook. Seek additional help.
19 days ago by olanthanide
twotransforyou: wolfforce58205: lyrslair: ... - bitty bipolar biromantic
As someone who used to chair a stage makeup department, Mehron and Ben Nye are going to be cheaper and better than whatever concealer/orange eye shadow/green lipstick whatever weird tutorial you found or expensive-ass luxury concealer.

Why you ask?

Because Mehron and Ben Nye are stage makeup. They’re meant to give thick, full coverage in one layer that can stand up to cameras and stage lights. Blend it out, powder it, and you’ll never look back. Plus it’s cheap enough that you can buy 2 and mix the perfect shade.

This will work on scars, too.
22 days ago by olanthanide
ジョニー・アイヴ、新社屋Apple ParkやApple Watch、人類に対する責任を語る。ただしアップルカーには沈黙 - Engadget 日本版
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23 days ago by kmiyazaki

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