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Software release life cycle - Wikipedia
프로그래밍의 정석 책을 보면서 1.1절에 나온 구절을 보면서 GA가 떠올라서 구글링 하다 본 페이지 발견

"소프트웨어 개발 현장에서 필요한 기술이라고 알려진 것의 대부분은 우유적인 부분이다.
빌드 환경, 프로그래밍 언어, 라이브러리, 프레임워크 등은 우유적이다"

우유적이라는 단어의 뜻이 궁금해서 사전을 찾아보니...
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28 days ago by ncrash
Making IT Culture Change Work
"No, unfortunately not at the time of this writing. For teams looking to try using OpenAPI documents as artifacts that proceed through a governance process, I would recommend giving Swaggerhub a look. Or possibly Neither appears to support configuration of editorial and approval workflows. However, many of the other features (issue tracking, source control, style validation) are present.

I may be missing some alternatives. So many of the search results for “API lifecycle management” are about client credential issuance and request throttling. Or, if the tool does address design time considerations, the goal is for a single user, or team, to generate a mocks.

When ‘reality checking’ our lifecycle approach, I repeatedly referenced commercial web publishing workflows. In that space, an item from any number of creators (usually an article, but sometimes a video essay or listicle) proceeds through a series of checks. Along the way, revisions occur which may send the item back for re-evaluation. That model resonated strongly with our need to involve numerous stakeholder groups (product, security, risk, architecture, etc.) on a design.

apis  governance  change  lifecycle 
7 weeks ago by earth2marsh
Post-Mount with componentDidMount() · react-indepth
The last step in the Birth/Mount life cycle phase is our post-mount access via componentDidMount(). This method is called once all our children Elements and our Component instances are mounted onto the Native UI. When this method is called we now have access to the Native UI (DOM, UIView, etc.
development  lifecycle  mounting  react 
7 weeks ago by mayrav
Component Rendering Performance in React – Modus Create: Front End Development – Medium
React is known for performance but it doesn’t mean we can take things for granted. One of the key performance tips for faster React applications is to optimize your render function. As with every benchmark, understanding the methodology is the key to understanding the results.
development  medium  render  react  performance  lifecycle 
8 weeks ago by mayrav

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