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Term Or Permanent: Which Life Insurance Policy Is Best For You?
It can often be challenging to decide what specific type of life insurance policy is better for your particular needs.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Talia Ivy Raab
Our daughter Rachel and her husband Seth have announced the birth of their daughter, Talia Ivy Raab.
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yesterday by M.Leddy
good-bye by my side.|ゴトウケースケ|note


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2 days ago by incep
The White Man in That Photo
It’s a historic photo of two men of color. For this reason I never really paid attention to the other man, white, like me, motionless on the second step of the medal podium. I considered him as a random presence, an extra in Carlos and Smith’s moment, or a kind of intruder. Actually, I even thought that that guy – who seemed to be just a simpering Englishman – represented, in his icy immobility, the will to resist the change that Smith and Carlos were invoking in their silent protest. But I was wrong.
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3 days ago by ondrejr

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