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The purpose-free organization – Nicolas Kayser-Bril – Medium
"In an organization that has a mission, hierarchy reflects past achievements or an ability to manage others efficiently towards the organization’s goal. Without a mission, hierarchy only reflects power relationships between individuals. Management is based on personal loyalty, not productive work. And because positive feedback is impossible (remember, there is no goal to positively assess someone’s actions), negative feedback is the only tool available to enforce hierarchy. Feedback can only be punitive and, as a result, fear of retaliation becomes the norm. Trust is impossible because an association between colleagues to do productive work will not be rewarded.


“Creating value for shareholders” is not a mission, it is simply the signal that the fruits of one’s work will be given to someone else. Franchised chains, where workers are explicitly excluded from the business’ core mission, which is managed by the brand-owning company, are salient examples of purpose-less organizations. “Making enough money to pay salaries” cannot be a mission for, as I wrote in the first line of this essay, it is the foundation of any organization."

This is fine, but where does everyone get all these missions from???
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Blâmer les ados pour le temps passé devant leurs écrans n’est pas la solution |
On ne peut pas attendre des enfants qu'ils aient la capacité innée à résister à des manipulations cognitives aussi finement pensées.
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You do not have to be good
Words to live by. (From chapter 5 of Keep Going) Mary Oliver has died. I have a friend who used to keep her poem “Wild Geese” folded up in his wallet. It
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Her Left Hand, The Darkness | Alison Smith | Granta Magazine
"In The Wave in the Mind, one of Le Guin’s many collections of essays, she wrote, ‘All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them. We need to be taught these skills; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t, our lives get made up for us by other people.’ When I met Le Guin, I was in outer space, hovering in that darkness. Cast out from my homeworld, I spent my days orbiting a new world, afraid to land." This is great.
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