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Package licensing and enterprise use - R Consortium
When we ask representatives of enterprises who are responsible for approving the use of third-party software what would make their easier, a few suggestions for package authors and maintainers arise concerning licensing:

* Packages should not depend on other packages that have incompatibly licensed materials
* Use the most permissive license possible for your package, for example, LGPL, GPL–3 or GPL>=2, as opposed to just GPL–2
* Minimize the number of dependent packages whenever possible, since each one requires its own approval process which affects adoption
* Avoid using packages with more restrictive licensing terms than you intend for your package

We encourage package authors and maintainers to review their dependent packages and look for opportunities to address the suggestions above. Where possible, encourage dependent package authors and maintainers to adopt more permissive licenses as well. Where not possible, ask whether the functionality provided by the dependent package is essential.

For enterprise users of open source software, ask your Legal departments to share their concerns with developers so more informed choices can be made in the future.
R  programming  licensing 
3 days ago by s.scottwhitmore
Relicensing CockroachDB
Open source database startup grapples with the risk some business will run their code as a service
licensing  gpl  opensource  cockroachdb  tootme 
13 days ago by nelson
Why We're Relicensing CockroachDB - Cockroach Labs
The realities of building open source software have changed. Today, we're relicensing CockroachDB with a committment to building an open core product.
software  license  licensing  bsl  copyright 
13 days ago by mac
Lynda’s Privacy Problem - Intellectual Freedom Blog
Addresses vendors' privacy obligations more generally.
644  licensing  ebooks  privacy 
13 days ago by dsalo
How does the music industry work? Give me the high-level overview!
A big diagram explaining music licensing, distribution, royalties, and so on, built up step by step.
business  music  diagrams  licensing  reference 
18 days ago by hex

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