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Developers Need to Start Paying Attention to Licenses
Pretty much every bit of code we use (even the copy/pasted code) is covered by some form of license (in effect, even code with no license). The license determines what you, the developer, can legally do with the code. Can we sell our software that uses the code? Can we redistribute it? Can we use a different license on our code than the code we included? Check the license.
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yesterday by vegarev
The Lil License
It's true that license proliferation is a real problem. And the MIT License is lovely: functional, relatively clear in intent to all readers — not just lawyers — and has stood the test of time. Roughly half of all open source projects use it. But it was written in the 1980s, and as open source authors and users we've learned that, in practice, we need just a little bit more: a declaration of the intent not to use software patents against users, and the shared understanding that contributions back to the project will be incorporated under the same terms of the license.
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3 days ago by awhite

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