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Journée Portes ouvertes de c’est aujourd’hui et les responsables des formations de
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19 days ago by ljegou
google/js-green-licenses: JavaScript package.json License Checker
JavaScript package.json License Checker. Contribute to google/js-green-licenses development by creating an account on GitHub.
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7 weeks ago by oppara
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International | Choose a License
Similar to CC-BY-4.0 but requires derivatives be distributed under the same or a similar, compatible license. Frequently used for media assets and educational materials. A previous version is the default license for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Not recommended for software.
licencing  licence  license  creativecommons 
9 weeks ago by onefewercar
Is a ‘let only’ agent responsible for HMO licensing?
Many letting agents still take the view that licensing a property is something for landlords to worry about and they can simply leave it up to them. But managing agents who consider that ensuring that any required HMO or selective licence is in place is not their responsibility are quite simply wrong.
licence  hmo 
october 2018 by guildrl
Nottingham City Council v Parr & Anor [2018] UKSC 51 (10 October 2018)
HMO licence conditions can state class of person. Supreme Court
licence  hmo 
october 2018 by guildrl

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