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RT : The man who bombed back to the stone age, turning a country that had the highest standard of living in Afric…
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Hillary Clinton:

Voted for the War.

Said she’d “totally obliterate” .

Turned into a safe haven…
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RT : Words matter. We've seen that in , in & now we're seeing it in . Have a look at our l…
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The 21: A Journey into the Land of Coptic Martyrs: Martin Mosebach, Alta Price: 9780874868395: Books
Mosebach has a novelist's insight and way with words. The 21 is also a fine piece of journalism. It helps us to understand, if not the ferocity of the killers, the quiet heroism--the ordinary heroism, perhaps--of the martyrs.--Christian Today
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RT : - the side you don't see you.
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Update : Counter-terrorism agency survived a car bomb attack east of ,
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RT : This photo of deposed Arab leaders is currently making the rounds on social media
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Libya crisis: UK officials anxious as blame is laid at doors of Gulf allies | World news | The Guardian
Blame for the renewed Libyan crisis has been laid at the doors of some of Britain’s closest allies in the Gulf, highlighting again how the UK’s commercial interests so often trump its political priorities in the Middle East.
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