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Information about operas, including libretti, synopses and sources, performance histories, and discographies.

Maintained by: Rick Bogart
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Opera and Ballet Primary Sources (BYU)
An index of over 13,000 digitized primary sources, from libraries and archives worldwide, useful for opera or ballet research: scores, sets of parts, libretti, examples of mise en scène, etc.

Maintained by: Brigham Young University
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Mozart Libretti – Online Edition
An online critical edition (in progress) of the libretti of Mozart's operas. In addition to detailed source information and comparisons, the libretti can be viewed with phonetic-metric analyses, or alongside the critical edition of the scores from the Neue Mozart-Ausgage and selected audio recordings.

Maintained by: Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg; Packard Humanities Institute
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Martha Graham Collection
The Martha Graham Collection at the Library of Congress contains over 350,00 items: scores, choreographic notebooks, correspondence, scrapbooks and photographs, press clippings, programs, and publicity materials. Materials available online cover Graham's work from 1918-1949, through programs, clippings, libretti, scripts, and photographs.
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Hofmusik Dresden
Manuscripts, printed music, and libretti from the collections of the Dresden State and University Library, documenting court, church, and theatre music in Dresden and Saxony from the late 17th to the early 20th century.
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Hamburg Digital Collections
A collection of libretti, song books, and texts of sacred and secular choral works, most from the 17th century, digitized by the Landesbibliothek Hamburg.
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Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
A website devoted to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, including synopses, libretti, scores, images, and audio.

Maintained by: Paul Howarth
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Digitale Mozart-Edition = Digital Mozart Edition
A project (in progress) of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg and the Packard Humanities Institute, The Digital Mozart Edition includes both the music and critical commentary volumes of the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, as well as critical editions of the libretti and critcal editions and manuscript facsimiles of Mozart family letters and documents.
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Loeb Music Library Digital Scores and Libretti
Rare or unique scores and libretti from the collections of the Loeb Music Library, including first and early editions and manuscript copies of music from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Highlights of the collection include: scores by J.S. Bach and Bach family members, Mozart, Schubert and others; multiple versions of nineteenth century opera scores; works of musical modernism; and music of the Second Viennese School. Contains 946 items (as of 2/2018).

Maintained by: Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, Harvard College Library
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BYU Brussels Opera and Ballet
Print and manuscript scores, libretti, examples of mise en scène, programs, scene designs and other archival documents dating from the 17th through the 20th centuries, from Music Special Collections in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University and the Fonds of the Théâtre de la Monnaie conserved at the Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles. A strength of the collection is late 18th and 19th century materials from the French and Italian repertories, including a large collection of copyists’ manuscripts for the Neapolitan operas of Giovanni Paisiello. Other noteworthy highlights include scores and orchestral parts for 18th-century French opéra comique.

Related resources: Opera and Ballet Primary Sources (BYU),
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The Aria Database
Information about opera and operatic arias: basic information about each aria (opera, composer, role, synopsis), with texts and translations for works in the public domain.

Maintained by: Robert Glaubitz
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Les Troyens
Libretto French/Italian
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