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LSA - Libre Silicon Alliance
We develop a free and open source semiconductor manufacturing process standard and provide a quick, easy and inexpensive way for manufacturing. No NDAs will be required anywhere to get started, making it possible to build the designs in your basement if you wish so. We are aiming to revolutionize the market by breaking through the monopoly of proprietary closed source manufacturers!
libre  silicon  process 
12 weeks ago by cstanhope
RT : As I understand have finished their work on and details out soon
To remind, this delay has b…
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november 2018 by stuartberry1
The Backwards Commercial License – hueniverse
I like to call this the Drug Dealer's Licensing Model -- the First Hit is Free.

Summary -- trunk is kept open source. Stay up to date, and you don't pay a thing. However, if you have dependencies that hinder your ability to upgrade a critical piece of your infrastructure, then you become a burden on the evolution of that dependency. Ergo, **past** versions require commercial licenses in order to receive updates.
open  source  free  libre  license  sustainability  sales  legal 
october 2018 by kc5tja
Single-board computers — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
SBCs normally run the GNU/Linux system, but that doesn't mean that all is well for software freedom on these boards. Many require proprietary software to even boot up; others are "TiVoized," enforcing signature checks to prevent the user from modifying the source code. Integrated radios, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, do not usually function with free software. Few GPUs and VPUs are fully supported with free software, although there are notable projects freeing all major embedded GPUs, with the notable exception of PowerVR.
SBC  libre  free  opensource 
october 2018 by mwishek
LGM2018 - YouTube
The video recordings from the 2018 are available here:

LGM18  Meeting  Libre  Graphics  from twitter_favs
august 2018 by garrett
Gadgetbridge/ at master · Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge · GitHub
App talks to smart watches and fitness trackers without their proprietary companion apps
libre  software  smartwatch 
august 2018 by lucaswilric

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