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graphql-python/webob-graphql: GraphQL integration for WebOb based frameworks: Pyramid, Pylons...
webob-graphql - GraphQL integration for WebOb based frameworks: Pyramid, Pylons...
python  graphql  library  webapps 
12 hours ago by cito
Adaptagrams: Tools for Adaptive Diagrams
Adaptagrams is a library of tools and reusable code for adaptive diagramming applications, for example: drawing tools, automated document and diagram layout, smart presentation software, graph drawing, chart layout.
graph  graphviz  layout  c++  library  constraints  visualization 
yesterday by slowbyte
CatBoost - open-source gradient boosting library
CatBoost is an open-source gradient boosting library with categorical features support.

CatBoost is an algorithm for gradient boosting on decision trees. Developed by Yandex researchers and engineers, it is the successor of the MatrixNet algorithm that is widely used within the company for ranking tasks, forecasting and making recommendations. It is universal and can be applied across a wide range of areas and to a variety of problems.

Claims to have good defaults and so can return pretty good results with very little fiddling.

Compare with XGBoost and H20
ml  library  machinelearning  python  R 
yesterday by tobym
stedolan/crowbar: Property fuzzing for OCaml
Crowbar is a library for testing code, combining QuickCheck-style property-based testing and the magical bug-finding powers of afl-fuzz.
testing  quickcheck  fuzzing  ocaml  library  repository 
yesterday by slowbyte
GitHub - KingPixil/wade: Blazing fast, 1kb search for Javascript

Initialize with strings in the form of an array

const search = Wade(["Apple", "Orange", "Lemon", "Tomato"]);
Now you can search for a substring within the array, and Wade will return the index of it.

index: 0,
score: 1
javascript  search  filter  library  trie 
yesterday by ianmclaury

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