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Converts complex strings to slug format.
convert  url  string  slug  JavaScript  npm  library  development 
6 hours ago by javajunky
zendesk/cross-storage: Cross domain local storage, with permissions
Cross domain local storage, with permissions. Enables multiple browser windows/tabs, across a variety of domains, to share a single localStorage. Features an API using ES6 promises.
storage  browser  localstorage  crossbrowser  domain  development  JavaScript  library 
6 hours ago by javajunky
cross platform directory and file iteration headers (included in mingw)
C++  library  programming  reference 
7 hours ago by LobsterDog
Wood Shelves - Wood Shelving Units & Wooden Shelves | The Container Store
These are the wood shelving I collected in Kansas and use primarily now.
home  library 
8 hours ago by mdhall

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