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Free for All: Inside the Public Library Documentary & New Media ProjectA documentary film about America's public libraries
From award-winning filmmakers comes a multi-platform project about America’s most beloved institution, where doors are open to all and everything is free.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
yes, product owner and technical lead need to be different people – Bibliographic Wilderness
One person (“product owner”) to decide what is to be done (in large part consisting of prioritization, and deciding when a feature is “good enough” and when it is not), and another separate person to decide how to do it (the technical lead).
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2 days ago by cdmorris
World Trade Organization (WTO) opens access to documents in iLibrary
WTO iLibrary is the online library of the World Trade Organization (WTO) featuring its publications, reports and periodicals.
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3 days ago by weitzenegger
Anybody interested in participating in this ping me by DM, email, snail mail whatever!
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3 days ago by aarontay

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