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Rhode Island hopes putting artificial intelligence lab in library will expand AI's reach
The University of Rhode Island is taking a very different approach with its new AI lab, which may be the first in the U.S. to be located in a university library. For URI, the library location is key, as officials hope that by putting the lab in a shared central place, they can bring awareness of AI to a wider swath of the university's faculty and student body.

“When you have an AI lab in a specific college, the impression is that access is only for students of that college,” said Karim Boughida, dean of libraries at the University of Rhode Island. “Even if students are told they can use the space, there may be a percentage that may feel unwelcome, or that it is ‘not for me.’ In the library it will be different,” said Boughida.

Inclusivity in AI is important to Boughida. Recent media reports of racist chat bots, faulty facial recognition software and racist criminal profiling have already pointed to the kind of issues that can arise when you don’t have a diverse group of people working on the technology of tomorrow. ...

“Within the MIT context, the role of the libraries in supporting AI and machine learning is less about providing the kind of exploratory lab that URI libraries are creating and more about reconceiving our collections as data that can be used to train machine-learning algorithms,” said Bourg.
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Home - - Periodicals, Books, and Authors
Many Millions of Pages of Readable, Searchable Content at Your Fingertips
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Library of things
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Uppy File Uploader
Modular file uploader that integrates seamlessly with any framework. It fetches files from local disk, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, remote URLs, cameras and other locations, then uploads them to the final destination.
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Libraries: Information, Access And Democracy – today in librarian tabs – Medium
This is a transcription of an interview that I did with Jane Lindholm for Vermont Edition. You can listen to the show on VPRs website but they do not do transcripts, so I made one with links and stuff! Jane Lindholm: This is Vermont Edition. I’m Jane Lindholm.
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