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Awesome Javascript
Github collection of awesome javascript libraries
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18 hours ago by naxoc
Getting started — gmaps 0.5.4 documentation
gmaps is a plugin for Jupyter for embedding Google Maps in your notebooks. It is designed as a data visualization tool.
libraries  python 
22 hours ago by shrayasr
Smithsonian Institution Staff Disaster Preparedness Procedures
Covers fire, floods, storms including tornado and hurricane, earthquake and various man-made disasters including toxic spills, civil disobedience, bomb threats and explosions, etc.
disaster-plan  disasters  libraries 
yesterday by Psammead
MSU Libraries:Disaster Recovery for Collections (6th public ed, 2012)
Michigan State University Libraries. Disaster Recovery for Collections (6th public edition, June 3, 2012). Accessed July 24, 2017.
disasters  disaster-plan  libraries 
yesterday by Psammead
Pushing the Margins Symposium – Pushing the Margins
This symposium featured authors from the Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS book to discuss thematic issues that pertain to intersectionality, feminist theory, race and ethnicity, and libraries. Participants broke out into smaller groups to have critical discussions based on the themes presented.
libraries  diversity  intersectionality  via:shannon_mattern 
yesterday by Librarysue
Vocational Awe? – WTF is a Radical Librarian, Anyway?
So what exactly is “vocational awe?” Well simply put, it is the idea that libraries as institutions are inherently good. It assumes that some or all core aspects of the profession are beyond critique, and it, in turn, underpins many librarians’ sense of identity and emotional investment in the profession. The closest that Sveta found to a similar concept was occupational mythology in the journalism world.
libraries  institutional_critique 
2 days ago by shannon_mattern
Pushing the Margins Symposium: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS (with images, tweets) · NexGenLibrarian · Storify
This symposium featured authors from the Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS book to discuss thematic issues that pertain to intersectionality, feminist theory, race and ethnicity, and libraries.
libraries  diversity  intersectionality  institutional_critique 
2 days ago by shannon_mattern

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