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What is Community Technology? Here's an internal working definition.

/* community technology... */

▨ Grows out of Libraries, not Silicon Valley
▨ Eschews scalability -- more intranet than internet
▨ Exists online to facilitate offline experience

The opportunity here is not to invent the new, rather reinterpret the old.

/* these tools could use a little love... */

▨ Bulletin Boards.
▨ Calendars.
▨ Directories.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern - The Open Source Discovery Service
monitors 2,276,743 open source libraries across 33 different package managers.
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2 days ago by davemac
Go as Far as You Can See. Then See How Far You Can Go. – NLM Musings from the Mezzanine
"At graduation, each graduate has his or her eyes on a unique horizon. For some it may be the start of graduate school in a few months. For others, it’s a new job in a new city. Still others may see family, volunteer service, or travel.

Pay attention to what you see and to what you see along the way. And for those in the helping professions, pay attention as well to how you see those who need your service. What do you notice about them—appearance, action, behavior? Cultivate your curiosity but always maintain your respect. See others the way you’d like them to see you—your strengths, your good will, your desires.

Use that input and that knowledge to guide your movements, to go forth purposefully, and to be fully engaged in whatever pursuits you deem important. But remember, even as you enter this phase of life, “as far as you can see” is nowhere as far as you can actually—and are likely—to go.

Once you get to that place— that as-far-as-you-can-see place—you will be a new you, with new confidence, new ideas, new desires, new lenses, new frameworks, and new goals. You will then have a new platform to launch into whatever is about to happen next."
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3 days ago by jschneider
CuadraSTAR | Lucidea
CuadraSTAR Information Management Solutions was developed to serve multiple information management needs in libraries, information centers, archives, museums,
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5 days ago by guilleten

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