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What is FRBR? - FRBR.PDF
functional requirements for bibliographic records
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yesterday by miaridge
Library Box
LibraryBox is an open source, portable digital file distribution tool based on inexpensive hardware that enables delivery of educational, healthcare, and other vital information to individuals off the grid.
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2 days ago by Psammead
Library Launches | Library of Congress
The Library of Congress today launched, a new online space that will host a changing selection of experiments, projects, events and resources designed to encourage creative use of the Library’s digital collections. To help demonstrate the exciting discoveries that are possible, the new site will also feature a gallery of projects from data challenge winners and innovators-in-residence and blog posts and video presentations from leaders in the field.

“We already know the Library of Congress is the ultimate treasure chest, but with we are inviting explorers to help crack open digital discoveries and share the collections in new and innovative ways,” said Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden. “Whether you’re tagging images from our digitized historic newspapers to help future visitors, or exploring the changing nature of democracy through the 25 million bibliographic records the Library recently made public, we are providing tools and inspiration that will lead to new uses and new ways of looking at the incredible materials here at the Library.”
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4 days ago by shannon_mattern
Club Amick
Three times a year, over 5,000 First Nation children in Ontario’s remote communities receive packages addressed in their names.

Inside are a children’s book and an activities-based newsletter.
Your donation will:

help bring reading materials to First Nation children, promoting literacy and a love for reading
create awareness of and take steps to address the need for childhood literacy support in remote First Nation communities
promote awareness across Ontario about the importance of childhood literacy
provide continuity, through ongoing support, to participants in the Lieutenant Governor’s Summer Literacy Camp program and to other children in the target communities.

“Thank you for my book. I am in Grade 3. I read your book and I love it. It’s good the title is A Quiet Place.”

– A recipient postcard to Amick

The spirit and intent of Club Amick also complements the spirit and intent of Our Way Forward, an Ontario First Nation public library initiative for the establishment and development of public library service in Ontario’s First Nation communities.
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4 days ago by Psammead
Beyond Colonialism? Libraries for a Canada We Don't Yet Know
The 2017 Dalhousie-Horrocks National Leadership Lecture & Award Presentation Reconciliation. Relationships. Restitution. All three are on the minds of public institutions following the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action. But where and how to begin? As institutions that support learning, libraries are uniquely suited to engage with—and model—responsible practices that take direction from Indigenous peoples, both locally and nationally. A leader in the area of library services with Indigenous peoples, Monique Woroniak considers how libraries can best position themselves to be relevant for a country reconsidering its foundations.
reconciliation  libraries  video  Indigenous 
4 days ago by Psammead
Librarians, wâhkôhtowin, and information literacy instruction: building kinship in research relationships
Speaker: Jessie Loyer
Opening and Closing Keynote presentations from the May 2017 Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) conference that all library staff should watch. Each video is about an hour long, but when it comes to building awareness and understanding, this is worth your time:
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4 days ago by Psammead
Appropriation or Appreciation: How to Engage Indigenous Literatures Speaker: Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair
Opening and Closing Keynote presentations from the May 2017 Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) conference that all library staff should watch. Each video is about an hour long, but when it comes to building awareness and understanding, this is worth your time:
reconciliation  Indigenous  cultural-appropriation  libraries  video 
4 days ago by Psammead
Libraries Can Be More Than Just Books - The New York Times
Some might complain that such public-private partnerships do not earn the libraries enough space or money, or that the resulting buildings are too big. Such criticism ignores the complexities of building in the country’s oldest and largest metropolis. These deals do not undermine the libraries within — they underpin their futures. When cities lack housing, new libraries and capital dollars, here is a way to get all three for the nominal public investment of an underused property, one the public continues to own once it is built.

Admirable as these are, New York has fallen well short of its potential. The city has built only 16 branches the past two decades, a paltry 8 percent increase, and nothing compared with rival metropolitan areas.

Other cities are much further ahead. Starting in 1995, Chicago created a master plan tying libraries to community development and has replaced more than three-quarters of its branches. In 1998, Seattle issued the largest library bond in history, allowing for the construction or replacement of all 27 branches. And Columbus, Ohio, unveiled a plan to double, and possibly triple, its system’s square footage over two decades.

New York ought to take such an integrated approach to the billion-dollar needs of its libraries. At the very least, it should embrace the partnerships already flourishing here and foster even more.

My organization, the Center for an Urban Future, working with the architecture firm Marble Fairbanks, has identified at least 25 libraries with surplus development rights. These could easily be redeveloped into libraries beneath housing, or even offices or manufacturing centers, depending on a community’s needs. Factoring in some smart rezonings, dozens more libraries could be upgraded in this fashion.

The Robin Hood Foundation is seeking to nurture this model. In 2015, the foundation offered the de Blasio administration a challenge grant of $25 million, to be divided among five libraries, one in each borough. A $5 million match from the city effectively covers the cost of building out a library, which would be in a new affordable housing complex. It is akin to the venture in Sunset Park.

“The city has used up most of its vacant land, so we really have to get creative about our existing resources,” said Beatriz De La Torre, Robin Hood’s managing director of housing.
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5 days ago by shannon_mattern

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