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Keepers of the Secrets | Village Voice
"That is the paradox of being an archivist. The reason an archivist should know something, Lannon said, is to help others to know it. But it’s not really the archivist’s place to impose his knowledge on anyone else. Indeed, if the field could be said to have a creed, it’s that archivists aren’t there to tell you what’s important. Historically momentous documents are to be left in folders next to the trivial and the mundane — because who’s to say what’s actually mundane or not?"
tysr  archiving  libraries  preservation 
yesterday by laze
Battling through an Nvidia GPU setup in the name of machine learning.
Gotchas and tips when installing NVIDIA drivers and libraries on Ubuntu/Debian systems. Good details of what may go wrong and what todo about it.
nvidia  ubuntu  debian  install  gotchas  tips  drivers  libraries 
yesterday by drmeme
RECOMMENDED: Computation in Conversation ← dh+lib
"I want to talk today about some of the current work happening around collections as data and some of the challenges that are holding us back from a collections as data revolution, but I really want to focus on how we as data producers can build better relationships and start productive conversations around our own libraries and how being more inclusive about who we invite into our data design and publishing processes can help us generate more usable datasets and further creative and responsible data reuse by our patrons and staff alike. "
data  collection  libraries 
yesterday by tsuomela
You’re a Researcher Without a Library: What Do You Do?
Investigating solutions for frustrated scholars, nonprofits, independent learners, and the rest of us.
yesterday by wlanderson
RT : Las bibliotecas de Álvaro Siza (fotografiadas por Duccio Malagamba)

Siza  architecture  libraries  from twitter
yesterday by mgprojekt
You’re a Researcher Without a Library: What Do You Do?
The world of publishing is evolving frantically, while it remains frustratingly fragmented and prohibitively expensive for many. If you’re a student who just left your academic library behind only to…
publishing  Research_tools  libraries 
2 days ago by erikmh
RT @NickPoole1: Such a common problem in #libraries & #info services - we can measure footfall, traffic, issues & customer feedback…
info  libraries 
2 days ago by claireb
Stephen Cleary's C# async library: AsyncLock, AsyncManualResetEvent, AsyncAutoResetEvent, AsyncConditionVariable, AsyncMonitor, AsyncSemaphore, AsyncCountdownEvent, AsyncReaderWriterLock
asynchronousProgramming  concurrentProgramming  C#  programming  libraries 
3 days ago by MaxBarraclough

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