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Why we stopped trusting elites | News | The Guardian
If a world where everyone has their own truth-tellers sounds dangerously like relativism, that’s because it is. But the roots of this new and often unsettling “regime of truth” don’t only lie with the rise of populism or the age of big data. Elites have largely failed to understand that this crisis is about trust rather than facts – which may be why they did not detect the rapid erosion of their own credibility.

Unless liberal institutions and their defenders are willing to reckon with their own inability to sustain trust, the events of the past decade will remain opaque to them. And unless those institutions can rediscover aspects of the original liberal impulse – to keep different domains of power separate, and put the disinterested pursuit of knowledge before the pursuit of profit – then the present trends will only intensify, and no quantity of facts will be sufficient to resist. Power and authority will accrue to a combination of decreasingly liberal states and digital platforms – interrupted only by the occasional outcry as whistles are blown and outrages exposed.
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november 2018 by petej
LIBOR replacement
Key financial index is based on a thin market, time for a new one
libor  interest  finance 
august 2017 by nelson
ICE Swap Rate
ICE Swap Rate, formerly known as ISDAFIX, is recognised as the principal global benchmark for swap rates and spreads for interest rate swaps.
coink  bank  libor  reset 
june 2017 by paunit
Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) is a leading operator of global exchanges and clearing houses and a provider of data and listings services. ICE administers LIBOR. It is listed on NYSE as ICE. This page is the LIBOR information page with links to position statements, FAQs. etc.
ICE  LIBOR  Intercontinental_Exchange  banking 
may 2016 by tomjlowe
Deutsche Bank plant grundlegenden Konzernumbau - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Überraschend kommen die Reformpläne nicht: Der seit Juli amtierende neue Co-Chef John Cryan hatte einen Umbau bereits in Aussicht gestellt. Mit dem Konzernumbau reagiert Cryan auf die seit Jahren anhaltende Krise der Bank. Immer wieder hatten Finanzskandale das Institut erschüttert und die Gewinne schrumpfen lassen. [...] Cryan hatte gleich zu seinem Amtsantritt einen harten Sparkurs angekündigt. Vor wenigen Tagen hatte die Bank angekündigt, sie erwarte für das dritte Quartal einen Rekordverlust von rund sechs Milliarden Euro. Gründe dafür sind gigantische Abschreibungen vor allem auf den Wert der Tochter Postbank, von der die Deutsche Bank sich trennen will, und das nicht mehr so lukrative Investmentbanking. Zudem belasten hohe Rückstellungen für die zahlreichen Rechtsstreitigkeiten die Bilanz.
Deutsche  Bank  corporate  scandal  investment  banking  libor  rigging  scandal 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
Volkswagen Congress Hearing: Emissions scandal - watch live - YouTube
VW USA subsidiary CEO Michael Horn. // 'VW the people's car.' 36:40 - I had no understanding what a defeat device is & that it could be installed to cheat emission tests. [<< Symptom of being a conglomerate! Corporate Culture & Values.] min 38:09 - Is hardware, software & even has to do something with the fuel tank. In some models (gen 2) its just software & a sensor. // 49:20 - framing of the answer with EPA (influenced?), cars on the road right now, even they are not passing emissions test, "are legal & safe to drive for the owners." // min 57 NOx, air pollution. 'compensation will be part of discussion'. 40 times than allowable limit. // 1:11:00 - according to him, @ the current state of investigations, this was out of the engine-drivetrain-engineering/software/emissions department within VW. Was not a corporate executive decision from the top. [My 2 cents: more likely decision was made within those departments due to pressure from top to make the test pass happen. << 1:51:00]
VW  Volkswagen  conglomerate  corporate  culture  corporate  values  air  pollution  libor  rigging  scandal  banking  crisis  investment  banking  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  accountability  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  retail  banking  PPI  mis-selling  scandal  bank  crisis  CDO  CDS  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  corruption  bribery  Petroleum  automotive  autoindustry  carbonemission  carbonfootprint  emissions  white-collar  crime  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  corporate  state  corporate  media  Positioning  Meat  Egg  Dairy  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door  conflict  of  interest  fiduciary  responsibility  exploitation  ethics  ethical  machine  democracy  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  double  standard  Abgas-Affäre  Interestrateswap  corporate  social  responsibility  corporate  scandal  Chemical  Fashion  deception  PR  spin  doctor  monopsony  oligopol  madoff  Enron  Worldcom  BP  accounting  accounting  scandal  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  crony  capitalism  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  too  big  to  bail  Ego  arrogance  Monsanto  Protection  Act  patent  troll  intellectual  property  willful  ignorance  willful  negligence  DeepwaterHorizon  tax  code  consumer  fraud  Protection 
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