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A Libertarian Running for Governor of New York (Larry Sharpe Full Interview) - YouTube
Larry Sharpe (Libertarian Candidate for Governor of NY) joins Dave to discuss running as the libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, the supreme court decision about the baker and the gay wedding cake, his views on legalization of weed, gun regulation, and more.
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7 days ago by kogakure
is the simple morality we learned as children: don't strike first, don't steal or cheat, keep your…
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8 weeks ago by katylava
The Only Woman to Win the Nobel Prize in Economics Also Debunked the Orthodoxy - Evonomics
I mention Lloyd’s essay to illustrate how ridiculous yet persistent the misconceptions about the “tragedy” dynamic truly are. Commons scholar Lewis Hyde dryly notes, “Just as Hardin proposes a herdsman whose reason is unable to encompass the common good, so Lloyd supposes persons who have no way to speak with each other or make joint decisions. Both writers inject laissez-faire individualism into an old agrarian village and then gravely announce that the commons is dead. From the point of view of such a village, Lloyd’s assumptions are as crazy as asking us to ‘suppose a man to have a purse to which his left and right hand may freely resort, each unaware of the other’.”

This absurdity, unfortunately, is the basis for a large literature of “prisoner’s dilemma” experiments that purport to show how “rational individuals” behave when confronted with “social dilemmas,” such as how to allocate a limited resource. Should the “prisoner” cooperate with other potential claimants and share the limited rewards? Or should he or she defect by grabbing as much for himself as possible?
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9 weeks ago by Vaguery
Where the fires are | Eurozine
How do we find our way out of this? I disagree with those who feel that the problem with Clinton was that she was too ardent a feminist and too affirmative of identity politics. What we’ve learnt over the last year and a half, from the Trump campaign and the presidency, is that we have both a white identity politics that’s quite fierce, and a male identity politics that’s quite fierce. It’s quite silly to say that Clinton was boosting the wrong things because that rage built on white male identity was already there, ready to destroy her. Of course there were many things wrong with the Clinton candidacy – she was a terrible candidate for the times. Not because of her identity politics, but because of her Washingtonian and Davos politics, her establishment credentials at an anti-establishment political moment.
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12 weeks ago by jstenner
Ep. 1089 Noam Chomsky: The Good and the Bad | Tom Woods
On Chomskys libertarian leanings and his concept of the new mandarins.
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april 2018 by HispanicPundit

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