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jendziura on Twitter: "I'd like to talk about why conservatives say things like this, ...
I'd like to talk about why conservatives say things like this, for my progressive friends who genuinely don't know anyone like this. I was a libertarian, sort of, as a teenager (I recovered) and have read Hayek, Nozick, and Friedman. Here goes.
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10 days ago by coslinks
Economists for Free Trade (my view - blinkered libertarian stuff/ant EU
Top name is Patrick Minford who, I understand, is discredited as an economist and who's economic models are based on preposterous assumptions. The following is from an LSE critique (
"Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff University is the only one of the group who has provided some economic modelling. He predicts that there would be a welfare gain of 4% of GDP by 2020 if the UK were to leave the EU. This prediction is surprising because just about every other piece of economic analysis finds negative economic effects from the UK leaving the EU (for example, Dhingra et al, 2016a; HM Treasury, 2016; NIESR, 2016; OECD, 2016; PWC,2016"
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16 days ago by spencertree

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