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What's killing Sears? Its own retirees, the CEO says
Lampert continues pointing fingers at everyone but his own dumb self
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6 days ago by rdormer
The Conversations that Cryptocurrency Killed – Jacobite
Encryption is the core cypherpunk technology on which all others are built. My friend John Backus phrased it like this, “Second amendment advocates gesture towards their guns and say ‘come and take it.’ Cypherpunks gesture towards cryptography and say ‘try and break it.’” In both cases, the government still has options for squashing you, but you’ve raised the hassle threshold very high.

In an excellent essay on the evolution of “minimum viable decentralization,” John Backus noted, “Decentralization helps to the extent that it exploits the letter of the law or evades the enforcement of the law.” His research on P2P file-sharing indicates that an exit technology’s ability to survive depends on a combination of clever design and true-believer activism. Ideologues are not enough, but they are necessary.
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6 weeks ago by elrob

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