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see beneath - daisysusan - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
“You can be my pretend date, I won’t have to try and find someone who actually wants to date me and can stand up to meeting Grimmy, and I won’t accidentally stick myself with a total bore.”

In which Louis convinces Liam to pretend to be his boyfriend and then everyone's emotions get a bit out of hand.
fic  1d  liam/louis  pining  fake.relationship 
19 days ago by sequat
Like a Hole in the Head - Ferritin4 - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"So I've been nominated for an Oscar," Louis says carefully. If he's called to gloat, Liam doesn't care; proper phone etiquette be damned, he will hang up.

He will.

"I know," Liam says. "Everyone knows that."

"Right," Louis says. "I didn't know if you," he cuts himself off, and if Liam didn't know better by now, he'd say Lou was nervous.

"Didn't know if I what?" Liam asks. "If I was awake lately? If I'd blanked it all out? If I'd turned off the internet and lived like a hermit to avoid your name?"

"I was going to say, if you remembered me," Louis says, wry and bitter and so, so familiar.

"It was a divorce, Lou, not a head injury," Liam laughs. "Of course I remember you."
fic  1d  au  liam/louis  breakup/makeup 
26 days ago by sequat
Stories Stacked Up So Tall - vixalicious - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Liam spends his days in a dreary booth selling train tickets and daydreaming about his favorite customer, Harry. When Harry gets assaulted at the station, Liam saves his life and finds that his quiet existence is turned upside down. As Harry languishes in a coma, Liam gets closer with to Harry’s family and to his best mate, Louis. There’s only one problem: everyone thinks Liam is Harry’s boyfriend. To make matters worse, Liam starts to fall for Louis. But how can Liam come clean without losing everything? An AU based on the movie ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
fic  1d  au  au:movie  liam/louis  amnesia  fake.relationship 
april 2018 by sequat
every wave drags you to sea - alnima - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Or, a Jurassic World AU featuring Louis, the Director of Operations; Liam, the raptor trainer and dinosaur specialist; Niall, the tech and security genius; Harry, the baby dinosaur mother, and Zayn, the park's new guy.
slash  one-direction  liam/louis 
may 2017 by scarface133
How to Save the World - formerlydf - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis is an award-winning reporter who's been voted "most likely to get arrested while investigating a story" three years running; Superman is the most interesting new thing to come to Metropolis, England in years; and Liam is a pain in Louis's ass. At first, at least.
fic  1d  liam/louis  au  au:superpower 
october 2016 by sequat
Four Chords And A Beat (Keep Me Alive) - helcinda - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Liam finds himself staring at the inside of the door without any real clue as to how he ended up agreeing to this entire thing. Harry owes him an entire shop's worth of cakes, because Harry never said Louis Tomlinson was ridiculously fit. He takes a deep breath and tells himself it’s one song, and then he’ll never have to do this again.

A Music & Lyrics AU where everyone tries to ruin Liam's life.
slash  one-direction  rps  liam/louis 
march 2016 by scarface133
Destination Home - failurebydesign - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Liam has never felt sexy, so it's quite a shock when he's nominated as Attitude Magazine's "Sexiest Man of the Year." It's something that causes a "cosmic shift" of some sorts in Liam's life, leaving him mixed up and full of questions. What if what he's wanted was staring him in the face all along? In story of self discovery, Liam must overcome several obstacles to find who he truly is.
slash  one-direction  rps  liam/louis 
march 2016 by scarface133
room for one more - lexxel - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
ut Liam, well, he’s great and Louis worries about how he’s going to handle this, how he’ll process the information if it worked. And if doesn’t, well, it’s not like she’s going to tell him. Louis doesn’t know what she’s going to do. She doesn’t want to put it off, she wants this, wants a baby. But she doesn’t want to scare Liam off either, because it’s there, this thing. This thing brewing between them that Louis thinks might be something special, might be something amazing if they worked for it.
Louis doesn’t want to screw anything up.
Or the one where Louis conceives a baby the same day she meets Liam, making things a little bit complicated...and interesting.
genderswap  het  one-direction  liam/louis 
january 2016 by scarface133
you can hear it in the silence - countthestars - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
“Louis,” Liam says again. “Louis, wake up.”

“No,” Louis says distinctly, still buried under the duvet.

Liam's not proud of the pitch his voice reaches when he says, “Louis, mate, I'm not being funny, but did we get married last night?”

There's a beat of silence, and then Louis rolls over, one eye cracked open to peer up at Liam. He's still got some frosting from last night crusted in his lashes, and Liam barely catches himself from reaching out to scrub it away with his thumb.

(or, yet another they-woke-up-married fic)
liam/louis  slash  one-direction  rps 
january 2016 by scarface133
Lessons In Love - ribonhwa - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"You know, I’ve never been with an alpha before," Liam confesses to Louis. It feels like it’s important to say, like it would explain something, even though he isn’t sure what.

"I figured that really, you really kind of stopped and froze for a moment there with the knot," Louis tells him with a laugh. That has color coming up Liam’s cheeks and he busies himself with the cigarette again to hide it. "You were good though, don’t worry about that. Completely satisfied here."

"Thank you, and you know, me too. You were good," Liam answers. It’s not easy to find the correct words to express, what he wants. Not when Louis’s fingers glide over his thigh. Not seductive more like reassuring. "You know, betas and alphas are not supposed to be compatible. Not like sexually, or like otherwise."


aka. the one where Louis in an alpha and Liam is a beta, and it's against all odds they would work out at all.
slash  one-direction  rps  liam/louis 
january 2016 by scarface133
Practice Makes Perfect - mistresscurvy - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
After he and Louis accidentally kiss on stage, Liam begins to wonder what it would be like to kiss another lad for real. Who better to ask for help than Louis?
one-direction  rps  slash  liam/louis 
january 2016 by scarface133

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