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RT : The entire premise that it is on people, Mayor Pete, to “build the bridge to religious right” is so fundamen…
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Old Devils - Superstition_hockey - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When things fall apart with Madeleine, and he comes back, M doesn't even bother looking surprised that his retirement lasted less than a month. He tells him he's less 3 weeks of vacation time, then gives him the sort of routine mission that they'd usually only give to low level field agents.
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2 days ago by theautomaticlady
LGBTQ advocates applaud judges' rejections of Trump health care rule
HS alleged in court that 358 complaints were lodged over the 2011 rule, when in actuality, just 21, “or a mere 6 percent of the 336 unique complaints” were in fact connected to the conscience rule.
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3 days ago by flyingcloud
'Nonbinary genders are valid': Washington state begins issuing licenses with gender marker 'X' | Crosscut
As of Nov. 12, Washington became the 17th state to offer “X” as a gender marker on driver licenses and identification cards “to more accurately reflect the gender identity of Washington residents,” according to a statement from the state Department of Licensing. William Lau Walker, programs coordinator at the UW’s Q Center, is quoted.
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RT : My Rainbow pylon pins are back in stock! Share the queer power far and wide!

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Growing number of colleges let students pick their names | Inside Higher Ed
More and more universities are adopting chosen name and preferred pronoun policies, an act that's inclusive of transgender and nonbinary students.
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