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Why 'Ring of Keys' Was the One Song Fun Home's Creator Didn't Want to Write | Playbill
Kron remembers saying, "I don't think this is a good idea. I think it's a set up for a reaction that we don't want."
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yesterday by krannon
The NBA Player Fighting for LGBTQ Equality
After Reggie Bullock’s sister, Mia, a trans woman, was tragically murdered in 2014, Reggie made it his mission to spread awareness about issues facing the LGBTQ community. After recognizing his own lack of knowledge, he got educated and is now working with the NBA to use sports as a vehicle of inclusion and acceptance. VICE Sports was with Reggie and his son for their first New York City Pride Parade.
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yesterday by jellis
What has the Women’s March accomplished, beyond mere visibility? | Jessa Crispin | Opinion | The Guardian
Women’s March // Advertisement

Since its inception, Women’s March has faced criticism by many within the feminist community. The March and its participants, we heard from many critics, marginalized Native women, disabled women, women of color, trans women and Jewish women to present a very safe, white, middle of the road protest. [...] Others called the organization out for not having any real agenda, and for focusing solely on what it was against – the Trump administration and Republican control of Congress – and not what it was for. This is a common problem for organizations that begin as protest movements.
&! - Women Say Unity, Not Strife, Define 2019 March
Womens  March  #MeToo  Feminism  feminist  violence  sexism  Sexismus  Planned  Parenthood  LGBT  LGBTQIASP  transphobia  Transphobic  protest  movement 
2 days ago by asterisk2a
ContraPoints: "Are Traps Gay?"
Latest video from the amazing performer / gender philosopher. It's intense, and complex, and I admire how Natalie is working at a higher level than any other media on gender I know about
transgender  trans  lgbt  tootme 
6 days ago by nelson
Chili’s Denied Meagan Hunter a Promotion Because She Needed to ‘Dress More Gender Appropriate’ | American Civil Liberties Union
“In order to learn more about the opportunity, she attended a seminar on Chili’s Certified Shift Leader program. She wore a men’s button-up shirt, fitted slacks, and boat shoes — an outfit similar to what male managers at Chili’s wear. So she was surprised when her general manager told her that the district manager had seen her at the seminar and commented that she was ‘inappropriately dressed.’

“Meagan tried to overlook the comment. But after she interviewed for the promotion, the general manager doubled down on the criticism of her clothes. ‘We really want to hire you,’ he told her. ‘However, we need you to dress more gender appropriate.’ Incredulous, she asked, ‘Are you telling me that I need to have my breasts hanging out to be successful in your company?’ He responded, ‘Not in those words.’”
aclu  chilis  lgbt  boycotts  2019 
6 days ago by handcoding
VP wife's hate school
Wife of the vice president takes a job at a virulently anti-gay school
lgbt  gayrights  pence  politics  religion 
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