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Installing Marlin 1.1.6 (and now 1.1.7) on your CR-10S with mesh bed l - Printed Solid
UPDATE! We have added notes for the new version of Marlin 1.1.7 as well as a new download of the source and hex files. Enjoy

Before we start: This is for the CR-10S and not the CR-10. Don’t use this firmware or follow these instructions for the CR-10. It is a different board and uses different settings.The older CR-10 uses a MELZI board which has less memory so in order to get it to work you will have to remove a lot of options to get everything to fit.

The firmware for the CR-10S is based on Marlin http://marlinfw.org which is an open source project and as such means you can modify the source code as you want. While this article will be long and involved, I will get right to the point and just give you the .hex file and you can go ahead and just install it and close out this page. This version has mesh bed leveling, baby stepping and EEPROM storage enabled.
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april 2018 by 44sunsets
Prints not sticking to bed - General - Creality CR-10 - Groups - Thingiverse
I haven't read all the replies here yet, but being a CNC machinist/programmer of 25 years or so I decided most of the stuff I was reading about leveling the bed was mere guessing by those new to these types of machines. Here is what I did.

First, make sure all your rollers are contacting the rails so there isn't any play. Not too tight. Just tight enough that you can't spin them individually with your fingers with light pressure.

Then using a pair of blocks that are the same height to level the gantry (I used 2" x 4" x 6" machinist blocks (2-4-6 blocks)). The gantry is the cross rail the extruder head slides back and forth on. I suggest you at least have a set of calipers from Harbor Freight. With the calipers you can measure the height of the gantry on each side of the machine. Make sure the height to the gantry is the same on both sides. The closer the better. I loosened the rollers on the right side and used the rollers on the left side to get it level. Then I snugged the right side back up making sure not to tweak the gantry out of adjustment.

Once that is done remove the bed glass and use a 3/16" drill bit laid on its side and do the bed leveling routine on just the aluminum, going from corner to corner. You can use anything solid really. Roll the drill bit or whatever you are using under the nozzle and make sure you feel the same friction on each corner. Once the 4 corners are dialed in move to the centers of the bed along the edges (not the center of the table - stop half way between each corner and check the perimeter of the bed). If the aluminum is warped grab it on either side and try to flex it back into shape. I was very forceful with mine. This is aluminum plate, it is springy and doesn't bend easily. Go back and re-check the corners every time you tweak the bed. Going around the bed a few times got the aluminum plate pretty darn close (within .005" or so from probably .060" or so). Once this was done I check the center of the bed. It was a lot closer than my initial check.

From here place the glass back on the bed making sure to install the clips. Check the glass with the traditional sheet of paper. Do this at 8 points around the perimeter. Use the bed adjustment knobs to get it as close as you can (you can't bend the glass =) ). You will more than likely see some variance in the center after the perimeter is level. Flip the glass and check again. Use whichever side gives you the best results, but a dip in the center is better than a raised center. If there is a dip, see how many sheets of paper will slide under the nozzle. Then take that many layers of paper and place them in the center of the bed under the glass. Mine has 3 silver dollar sized sheets right around the center. My bed is probably within .005" over the entire bed.

Shoot a layer of hair spray over the glass - 2 to 3 light layers. If you take it to this level of adjustment, and use hair spray I promise with the right slicer settings things will work flawlessly every time. My next thing to do is omit the hair spray and scuff the glass with some 320 grit sand paper. This would work better I am guessing.
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february 2018 by 44sunsets
The automatic audio post production webservice, using signal processing and machine learning techniques.
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november 2016 by nharbour
Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor
The automatic audio post production webservice, using signal processing and machine learning techniques.
audio  auphonic  sweet  sweetening  level  levelling  levelator  sound 
november 2016 by nharbour
RentTheRunway's Engineering Ladder
One of the best things about working at Amazon was having a clear, well-defined career progression, and it's something that's always been absent in startups. Career growth, levelling, and tech management is important, and also helps in hiring by providing clear levels. This is the RentTheRunway engineering ladder, Camille Fournier's team, which they open sourced back in March 2015
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october 2015 by jm

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