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How to Use Integrity Constraints in SQL Server Database Design
In this article we learn about the Integrity Constraints feature in Database design, and how it helps users to safeguard what is entered in the database tables.
Integrity  Constraint  SQL  Server  Database  design  Column  Level  Constraints  Table  repair  mdf 
18 days ago by DataNumen
The Xbox One X Pushes Consoles To The Next Level
Microsoft takes the gaming world by storm with the Xbox One X – its most powerful console yet. Xbox One X will feature smooth 4K gaming experience thanks to its powerful processing power. It features 8-core custom AMD CPU @ 2.3GHz, a 6 Teraflop GPU with 12GB DDR5 graphic memory and larger memory bandwidth. The...

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The  Xbox  One  X  Pushes  Consoles  To  Next  Level 
4 weeks ago by vrzone
No Grumpy Humans and Other Site Reliability Engineering Lessons from Google
'It’s about building credibility for the long term. That’s the fundamental element that makes the SRE role work, she told New Relic’s Matthew Fleming, in a talk about what others may learn from her SRE experience at Google. “You really won’t get anywhere with a product development software engineering team if you walk in there and say, ‘You’re doing A, B, and C wrong, like you must fix this,’” she said."
analysis  case  study  events  top  stories  futurestack  2017  google  service  level  agreements  objectives  shadow  it  site  reliability  engineering 
7 weeks ago by jonerp

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