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Listen to us get drunk and interview your lettering idols every fucking week.
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12 days ago by javajunky
Align text vertically in center in Adobe InDesign
Object > Text Frame Options > Text Frame General Options > Vertical Justification
tips  indesign  lettering 
19 days ago by kpossibles
Brenna Jordan (@calligraphybybrenna) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
105.9 k abonnés, 605 abonnement, 585 publications - Découvrez les photos et vidéos Instagram de Brenna Jordan (@calligraphybybrenna)
5 weeks ago by marlened
Lettering With Crayola Markers – Lyss Tyler Letters
Posts about Lettering With Crayola Markers written by alyssastrand
6 weeks ago by marlened
People of Craft
People of Craft is a growing showcase of creatives of color and their craft in design, advertising, tech, illustration, lettering, art, and more. It’s time to redefine what a creative looks like.
List  Diversity  Illustration  Art  Lettering  Freelancer  Design  Writing 
7 weeks ago by jsm
Hand Lettering for Beginners ~ Creative Market Blog
Hand lettering can appear to be a daunting task, but when you break it down to the fundamentals, it’s simpler than it seems. So let’s talk
lettering  tutoriel 
8 weeks ago by marlened
Dawn Nicole Designs® | The Art of Hand Lettering
Dawn Nicole Designs | A Creative Community: Hand-Lettering, Brush Lettering, Modern Calligraphy, iPad Lettering, Free Practice Worksheets, and more!
8 weeks ago by marlened

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