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Le Tigre: "I'm With Her" (Official Music Video) - YouTube
New Le Tigre song will definitely be playing in my head when I proudly vote for .
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october 2016 by coty
I was a pig today 🐷 who also ate pig 🐖. "Kick Ass Rice" with at .…
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march 2015 by rtanglao
Q. & A. | Kathleen Hanna on Love, Illness and the Life-Affirming Joy of Punk Rock - NYTimes.com
"What seemed distinct about Bikini Kill was how you translated what was happening in ’90s art and activism — Barbara Kruger, Guerrilla Girls, Jenny Holzer, Kathy Acker, ACT UP — into this superdirect punk rock vehicle.

Exactly! I wanted to bridge the gap between those two worlds. One way I was influenced by those artists that nobody ever talks about is that they used language. I was a photography student, and the kind of purist male teachers I had were like, “If your art is strong enough, you shouldn’t need language to explain it.” I remember thinking, “Oh, that’s another great way to shut female artists up.” Ansel Adams can take pictures of rocks and that’s fine, but that’s not what Jenny Holzer does. That influenced my choice to explain what the songs were about when I was performing onstage. I really wanted women to know what I was singing about — stuff from real life, not “I Am the Walrus” or something. Girls in the front row would be crying, singing along to the lyrics, while men in the audience would yell, “Shut up and just play!”"
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november 2013 by sha

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