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Fujifilm M Mount Adapter: What’s the Point? – FUJILOVE MAGAZINE
I also found lenses 28mm and wider didn’t do anything for me due to the crop factor. A 28mm lens becomes a 42mm, and a 24mm becomes a 36mm, losing the whole wide-angle feel of the lens.
lenses  leica  fujifilm 
6 days ago by foliovision
Review: using Leica M lenses on the 36MP Sony A7r mirrorless camera - Leica Rumors
I found it very accurate on the Leica M 240 and Fuji X cameras.  On the A7r I found the peaking to be too deep to always be accurate
sony-a7  fujifilm  leica  manual-focus  lenses 
13 days ago by foliovision
Center Filters For Large Format Lenses
1  Schneider, Rodenstock and Heliopan
center filters
To find out which CFs might do for my lenses I made a list of Schneider and Rodenstock wide angle lenses and CFs. Schneider and Rodenstock agree that lenses which cover 100° to 105° should use + 1.5 center filters. They also agree that lenses which cover more than 110° need + 2. They disagree about 110° lenses. Schneider recommends + 1.5 for them, Rodenstock recommends + 2. The table below (table 1) summarizes what I found and puts Fujinon and Nikon wide angle lenses in the Schneider/Rodenstock context.
centerfilter  largeformat  4x5  schneider  rodenstock  nikkor  reference  lenses 
21 days ago by bwiese
Fungi in photographic lenses - Photography pages of Toomas Tamm
Keep your lenses in a dry, cool place. If you use your equipment in damp environments, let it dry as soon as you return into a drier room. Never leave your equipment in a closed (splashproof) camera bag when it need not be there. Leather lens cases are known to be especially bad
21 days ago by foliovision
Fungus Removal
Fungus on coated glass needs to be dealt with quickly. Permanent flaws in the coating resulting from the fungus will occur much faster than on uncoated glass.
21 days ago by foliovision
9 Budget Friendly But Good Sony FE Mount Lenses (Under $600)
We went through our reviews index to look for some of the best Sony FE Mount lenses that we could find under a certain price point. Here are our favs.
lenses  photography  recommendations  sony 
29 days ago by kger
35mm f2 vs. 35mm f1.4 after firmware - Fuji X Lenses - Fuji X Forum
I love the rendering of the 35 F1.4, its my favourite lens in the system, its on my camera about 90% of the time. The AF improved massively on X-E2/X-T1 after Firmware 4 and it improved again with X-T2. Basically you will have to pry that lens from my cold dead hands unless they release a Mkii that is WR, and slightly better build quality int eh saeme vein as the 90mm.
lenses  fujifilm 
4 weeks ago by foliovision
Fujifilm XF 35mm F/2 VS XF 35mm F/1.4 - Which lens is right for you? - FUJI X PASSION
Additionally, as noted above, the 35mm F1.4 is noisy; and I am talking embarrassingly noisy. Compared to the 35mm F2, which is nearly silent while focusing. If you are shooting in areas where noise matters (such as a quiet church or a performance)
fujifilm  lenses 
4 weeks ago by foliovision
Convenient Online Lens Replacement | Lensabl
Convenient Online Lens Replacement Service. Get the high-quality lenses you need directly from our certified lab. Send us your frames and we'll do the rest.
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5 weeks ago by dicewitch
Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM - Trenčín
Inzerát č. 94836082: Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM, Cena: Dohodou, Lokalita: Trenčín
canon  lenses 
5 weeks ago by foliovision

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