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[BIOS] Custom bios bootscreen on my Thinkpad T440s with the Arch logo. Sorry about the camera. : unixporn
r/unixporn: Submit screenshots of all your *NIX desktops, themes, and nifty configurations, or submit anything else that will make ricers happy. Maybe a server running on an Amiga, or a thinkpad signed by Bjarne Stroustrup? Show the world how sexy your computer can be!
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4 days ago by jonaswouters
No More MacBook
Looking to replace my own 2012 macbook pro I decided to compile a list of suitable alternatives for my next computer.

This is not an exaustive list but only a small research I did in a weekend, feel free to contact me if some info is outdated or if you want something added.
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13 days ago by kOoLiNuS
T580 | Forum - heise online
15.06.2018 22:57
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vllt. nicht ganz so fancy wie das Carbon aber das Arbeitstier

Intel Core i7-8550U, 32GB-RAM, SSD-512GB ,WWAN, GF150m etc..etc.. für Zwozwo..
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4 weeks ago by snearch
How to find serial number of Lenovo laptop from Linux - nixCraft
Linux command to find serial number of Lenovo laptop

$ sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number
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5 weeks ago by hellp
Lenovo PCs ship with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections [Updated] | Ars Technica
Lenovo is selling computers that come preinstalled with adware that hijacks encrypted Web sessions and may make users vulnerable to HTTPS man-in-the-middle attacks that are trivial for attackers to carry out, security researchers said.

The critical threat is present on Lenovo PCs that have adware from a company called Superfish installed. As unsavory as many people find software that injects ads into Web pages, there's something much more nefarious about the Superfish package. It installs a self-signed root HTTPS certificate that can intercept encrypted traffic for every website a user visits. When a user visits an HTTPS site, the site certificate is signed and controlled by Superfish and falsely represents itself as the official website certificate.

Even worse, the private encryption key accompanying the Superfish-signed Transport Layer Security certificate appears to be the same for every Lenovo machine. Attackers may be able to use the key to certify imposter HTTPS websites that masquerade as Bank of America, Google, or any other secure destination on the Internet. Under such a scenario, PCs that have the Superfish root certificate installed will fail to flag the sites as forgeries—a failure that completely undermines the reason HTTPS protections exist in the first place.
Surprisingly, the behavior largely escaped the notice of security and privacy advocates, until now. On Wednesday evening, following several lengthy Twitter discussions about the overlooked behavior, security researcher Chris Palmer bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for $600 at a San Francisco Bay Area Best Buy store. He quickly confirmed that the model was pre-installed with the Superfish software and self-signed key.

When Palmer visited https://www.bankofamerica.com/, he found that the certificate presented to his browser wasn't signed by certificate authority VeriSign as one would expect, but rather by Superfish.
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6 weeks ago by some_hren
Lenovo used Windows anti-theft feature to install persistent crapware | Ars Technica
Windows 8 and Windows 10 contain a surprising feature that many users will find unwelcome: PC OEMs can embed a Windows executable in their system firmware. Windows 8 and 10 will then extract this executable during boot time and run it automatically. In this way, the OEM can inject software onto a Windows machine even if the operating system was cleanly installed.

The good news is that most OEMs fortunately do not seem to take advantage of this feature. The bad news is that "most" is not "all." Between October 2014 and April of this year, Lenovo used this feature to preinstall software onto certain Lenovo desktop and laptop systems, calling the feature the "Lenovo Service Engine."

Lenovo's own description of what the software did differs depending on whether the affected system is a desktop or a laptop. On desktops, the company claims that the software only sends some basic information (the system model, region, date, and a system ID) to a Lenovo server. This doesn't include any personally identifying information, but the system ID should be unique to each device. Lenovo says that this is a one-time operation and that the information gets sent only on a machine's first connection to the Internet.

For laptops, however, the software does rather more. LSE on laptops installs the OneKey Optimizer (OKO) software that Lenovo bundles on many of its machines. OneKey Optimizer arguably falls into the "crapware" category. While OKO does do some somewhat useful system maintenance—it can update drivers, for example—it also offers to perform performance "optimizations" and cleaning "system junk files," which both seem to be of dubious value.

Making this rather worse is that LSE and/or OKO appear to be insecure. Security issues, including buffer overflows and insecure network connections, were reported to Lenovo and Microsoft by researcher Roel Schouwenberg in April. In response, Lenovo has stopped including LSE on new systems (the company says that systems built since June should be clean). It has provided firmware updates for affected laptops and issued instructions on how to disable the option on desktops and clean up the LSE files.
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6 weeks ago by some_hren
The Lenovo Z5 is official, and it has a screen notch after all • Android Police
Ryan Whitwam:
<p>Lenovo's Chinese phone releases are not usually big international news, but this time was different. The company's teasers seemed to promise an all-screen design without a notch. That would certainly be refreshing in this day and age. However, the Z5 has been announced, and it looks like every other phone unveiled in the last six months. There's a notch, a glass back, and a chin.

This device has mid-range specs including a Snapdragon 636, 6GB of RAM, and 64-128GB of storage. The screen is 19:9 and measures 6.2-inches with a resolution of 2264x 1080. Around back, there's an iPhone-style camera array with a 16MP main sensor and 8MP secondary. It runs Android 8.1 with the ZUI software layer and no Google apps (because China). The phone comes in blue, black, and "aurora," the latter of which looks a lot like Huawei's fabulous "Twilight" finish on the P20 Pro.

<img src="https://www.androidpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/lenovorendercompare.png" width="100%" />
<em>The teaser and the reality.</em>

The early teasers showed off what is clearly a phone without a screen notch. Now, it seems Lenovo was taking some creative liberties with the render…

[Later:] It looks like even Lenovo's full device renders are a lie. The real Z5 has <a href="https://twitter.com/UniverseIce/status/1003933134398808064">substantially larger bezels than you'd think</a> from the official press images above.</p>

Lenovo hasn't made a profit in smartphones since it bought Motorola (and it's hard to think it made much before). The marketing desperation is starting to show.
lenovo  notch 
6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Render toont Motorola One Power met inkeping in scherm en dubbele camera - Tablets en telefoons - Nieuws - Tweakers
Wellicht is de Motorola One Power hetzelfde toestel of een doorontwikkeling van de in januari gesignaleerde Moto X5. Dat toestel is nooit aangekondigd en zou geschrapt zijn. Andere smartphones waar ook in januari informatie over verscheen, zoals de G6-modellen, zijn al wel uitgebracht.

Uit de nieuwe render blijkt dat het toestel onderdeel wordt van het Android One-programma. Dat houdt in dat de software geen zware schil bevat en tijdig van upgrades wordt voorzien. Vorig jaar kwam Lenovo al met de Moto X4 met Android One.
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7 weeks ago by dominomaster

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