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Look Out, Surface Studio: Hands On With Lenovo's Yoga A940 AIO | PCMag.com
With a lower starting price than the Studio machines and full-desktop components, the Yoga A940 should be an intriguing alternative to Microsoft's AIO for creators. The ability to open the base portion for service and upgrades is another distinction.
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9 days ago by jasonsamuels
's Ira Blumberg explains that he and the more successful licensing folks he dealt with analyze potential lit…
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14 days ago by edelagrave
45W performance from 15W Kaby Lake-R – George Kushnir (http://n4ru.it) – Medium
It’s time for another deep dive into laptop CPU performance, and as usual the subject of my testing will be a ThinkPad — the X1 Carbon 6th Gen — with an 8650U processor. After a month of fiddling…
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4 weeks ago by kger

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