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Lenovo to stay largest AIO PC vendor in 2018 • Digitimes
Aaron Lee and Steve Shen:
<p>Lenovo is expected to remain the largest all-in-one (AIO) PC vendor worldwide in 2018 with shipments to reach 3-3.2 million units, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Enterprise models will replace consumer products as the driving force of Lenovo's AIO PC sales in 2018, accounting for 60% of total shipments, while the consumer models will make up the remaining 40%, said the sources.

While the overall AIO PC market is expected to grow slowly in 2018, the gaming AIO PC segment is likely to expand at a faster pace in the year, with the market leader Micro-Star International (MSI) to continue to ramp up its market share, according to Digitimes Research. MSI saw its gaming AIO PCs grow 35.7% on year in 2017.

However, the high-end segment could be a new battlefield in the AIO PC segment as Apple has launched its iMac Pro, which is believed to directly take on Microsoft's Surface Studio, said the sources.</p>

If the iMac (inc Pro) really sells fewer than 3m units in a year out of Apple's 19.2m (in 2017), given that the old, old, old Mac Pro sells pretty much nothing - surely? - that's 15% desktop, 85% laptop.
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Lenovo's Windows Tablet Has a Module For Every Need
Full-fat Windows tablets are taking their sweet time catching on with the general public, but if you’re not pulling the trigger because they aren’t quite versatile enough, Lenovo’s master-of-all-trades Thinkpad X1 could be the ticket.
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