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Voting for is and difficult. Instead, look for outliers

Are there any…
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The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels
"Reading a novel of punishing difficulty and length is a version of climbing Everest for people who prefer not to leave the house. And people who climb Everest don't howl with exhilaration at the summit because the mountain was a good or a well made or an interesting mountain per se, but because they're overawed at themselves for having done such a fantastically difficult thing." Mark O'Connell writes about how he overcame his fear of reading very long novels.
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Agents arrest illegal immigrants with lengthy criminal records
Two illegal immigrants arrested in separate busts Tuesday night in the Yuma area have long criminal backgrounds in the United States, the Border Patrol said. One of the two is a convicted sex offender who has a 17-year criminal background, the patrol said
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