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Expectant by loveglowsinthedark
After he accidentally gets Malfoy pregnant on a drunken fuck at a club, Harry doesn't anticipate that it'd be just as easy to fall in love with him

Written for bixgirl1's prompt:
Harry would have appreciated some warning that Alpha male werewolves can impregnate their male Veela mates.
fanfic  slash  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  genre:futurefic  genre:romance  trope:mpreg  length:novel  rating:nc17  author:loveglowsinthedark  web:ao3 
4 weeks ago by moonbeamsfanfic
Ramblings by TheSovereigntyofReality
The problem with Alzheimer's is that sufferers sometimes ramble...often with no idea who is sitting with them.

Peggy says something that sends Tony Stark on a legal manhunt.

Moon's Notes: Rewrites all MCU from pre-IM through to CW if Tony found out the truth about his parents before SHIELD got their hands on him and his resources.
fanfic  gen  fandom:ironman  fandom:avengers  genre:au  genre:adventure  genre:pre-series  trope:revelation  trope:betrayal  trope:bamfness  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:thesovereigntyofreality  web:ao3 
5 weeks ago by moonbeamsfanfic
Off The Record - crookedswingset - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Peter Parker is a corporate lackey whose sole job is to root out problem executives who waste Oscorp’s money and time. Wade Wilson is a reserve Avenger on the hunt for a prize even Iron Man couldn’t nail down: the real identity of everyone’s favorite webhead.

Too bad most people think Spider-Man is Harry Osborn.
canon:marvelverse  length:novel  fic  pairing:spiderman/deadpool  au:canondivergence  author:crookedswingset 
10 weeks ago by innocentsmith
The Tournament of All Magicks by Cori Lannam (corilannam)
Merlin was flattered to be invited to compete in a magical tournament to crown the sorcery champion of Albion. Accepting the invitation probably wasn't his brightest idea.
fanfic  slash  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  genre:adventure  trope:revelation  trope:originalcharacters  trope:bamfness  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:corilannam  web:ao3 
11 weeks ago by moonbeamsfanfic
a turn of the earth - mishcollin - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run.

Frigging fantastic.

(Or, in which Castiel gets stuck in Dean’s timeline preseries and Dean kind of hates it—until he doesn’t.)
fic  length:novel  au:canondivergence  au:differentmeeting  pairing:dean/castiel  author:mishcollin  canon:supernatural  trope:timetravel 
february 2019 by innocentsmith
Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? by yaoichan12
Spock, fed up with Stonn's attempts to elicit an emotional response from him, lies and says he has a significant other. Stonn is skeptical of his claim and when they have another run in a few days later, calls Spock out on the apparent lie. Spock doesn't want to give his cousin the satisfaction of knowing he lied, grabs the nearest beauty he sees and introduces Stonn to his boyfriend, Jim. Jim goes along with it and finds it amusing. Stonn leaves, obliviously jealous of Spock's new boyfriend, but ends up telling the whole family about Jim.

Now the family insists that Spock bring Jim to a family gathering on Vulcan.

Spock has dug himself a hole but at least Jim agrees to help. Will they be able to keep the ruse going? (Perhaps) Will feelings get in the way of their planned break-up after the gathering? (Definitely) Will Spock's Vulcan family adore Jim? (Of course they will!)
fanfic  slash  fandom:startrek  pairing:kirk/spock  genre:humour  genre:romance  genre:kidfic  trope:family  trope:revelation  trope:pretending  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:yaoichan12  web:ao3 
february 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Have I Changed? by katling
I liked you more before you met the Avengers.

It's an offhand comment that Tony wasn't sure he was actually meant to hear. But he did and he doesn't know what it means. Lucky for him, Rhodey's got an answer for him.

Post-Civil War, Team Tony fic with legal consequences!
fanfic  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/stephen  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  trope:betrayal  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:katling  web:ao3 
february 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Where You Still Remember Dreaming by yodasyoyo
“What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Balto.”

“What’s yours?”


Derek raises an eyebrow. That isn’t his real name. There’s no way. But now he thinks about it, he has a vague memory of someone, probably Uncle Peter, telling him that with the fae, names have power. “I’m Miguel,” he says.


“Are you trying to tell me your real name is Stiles?”

Stiles runs his tongue across his teeth and considers Derek carefully. “Fair enough,” he says, “Miguel it is.”

Grabbing his groceries and pocketing the change, Derek turns to leave; he’s nearly at the door when Stiles calls out, “By the way, Miguel, if you’re interested, it’s two for one on bags of kibble at the pet store down the street.”

Derek doesn’t look back, doesn’t hesitate, just raises a hand and flips him off on the way out.

Moon's Notes: The fic that is mostly light-hearted and happy, and yet still bittersweet and sad. I smiled through tears, no lie. Stiles is a half-fae stuck in Beacon Hills as its replacement Nemeton/Guardian, he loves and loses everyone over time (Sheriff! ::sniff::) until he finally meets Derek and falls in love.
fanfic  slash  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:romance  trope:animals  trope:outside_pov  trope:family  length:novel  rating:nc17  author:yodasyoyo  web:ao3 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Children of the Future by Diggs
The Solo children must be hidden again for their own safety, but they get sent to the only two people who can truly protect them: Han and Leia... before they were married. Romance/Family - Han S., Leia O. - Chapters: 20 - Words: 77,271
fanfic  het  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:romance  genre:kidfic  genre:futurefic  trope:family  trope:timetravel  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:diggs  web:ffn 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Reflected Legacy by DAsObiQuiet
Leia's dreams lead her and Han back to Tatooine, and force her to confront her heritage in the most unlikely way possible: by living it.

Moon's Notes: Favourite time travel fix-it so far, as (old) Leia and Han both go back in time to just before the Clone Wars. 70,000+ words, WIP last updated 2016...
fanfic  het  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:adventure  genre:pre-series  genre:futurefic  genre:tagfic  trope:timetravel  trope:family  trope:outside_pov  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:dasobiquiet  web:ao3  note:wip 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
The Promise by coffee666
As children, Jim and Spock promised they would get married when they grew up. Jim thought it was just a silly joke between kids.
fanfic  slash  fandom:startrek  pairing:kirk/spock  genre:au  genre:pre-series  genre:kidfic  genre:romance  trope:family  kink:claiming  length:novel  rating:r  author:coffee666  web:ao3 
october 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic
the dogfather by hollimichele
“I’m not a reverse werewolf either,” says the man. “I’m your godfather.” (aka the Harry Adopted By Wonderful Muggle Parents fic)
fanfic  gen  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:sirius/remus  genre:au  genre:kidfic  trope:family  trope:animals  trope:revelation  length:novel  rating:pg  author:hollimichele  web:ao3 
october 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic
If the ley lines you should follow by InTheArmsofaThief
And Derek just stood there, staring at Stiles like he was a ghost.

“Dude, I know it’s been a while but you don’t have to look at me like you’re that surprised I’m hung over in the woods. It’s practically a tradition at this point.”

“Stiles?” Derek whispered, the name falling from his lips like a punch to the gut. Stiles watched, confused, as Derek took a deep breath in and took a shaky step forward then back again. “You’re not- you can’t be. Who are you?”

The point in time where Scott either died or turned into a werewolf created a new timeline.  The two timelines explored in Ley Lines & Double Walkers are the exact same timeline up until the recent split of Stiles’s death via car crash. The stories are not direct sequels but alternate timelines in related verses.
fanfic  slash  pre-slash  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:futurefic  genre:deathfic  trope:reincarnation  trope:alternatedimension  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:inthearmsofathief  web:ao3  note:series 
october 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic
The End is the Beginning of the End by Kayasurin
Jack would just like to take the time to remind everyone to hang onto their weapon of choice when accidentally going through the experimental snow globe, because otherwise you'll end up who knows where without a staff and only snowballs to help you.

Or: Jack doesn't know where he is, he sure doesn't speak the language, and he just knows talking to those giant rabbits will go badly. The little one, however... That works out just fine.
fanfic  pre-slash  fandom:riseoftheguardians  genre:adventure  genre:futurefic  genre:pre-series  genre:kidfic  trope:timetravel  trope:reincarnation  trope:originalcharacters  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:kaysurin  web:ao3 
october 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic
In the Hearts of Men by proser132
“All actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire.”

By chance, the Easter Bunny met Jack Frost in the Blizzard of '68. From there, it is a domino effect, and it's surprising to all involved where the pieces fall.
fanfic  pre-slash  fandom:riseoftheguardians  pairing:bunny/jack  genre:pre-series  genre:casefile  genre:romance  genre:kidfic  trope:worldbuilding  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:proser132  web:ao3 
october 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic
A Fed, a General and a Linguist Walk into a Bar... by Trinket2018
Tony is hunting a serial killer in Alexandria, with competition and no back-up.

Mild Whump for Daniel & Tony. I like the idea of getting Tony out from under the stifling foot of Gibbs (apologies are a sign of weakness? Really?) and his unappreciative team-mates at NCIS (which includes the writers, who turned his character into a cartoon cut-out comic relief). I agree with many fans that what happened in Dead Air was appalling, worse that it was passed off as a joke. 
fanfic  gen  fandom:ncis  fandom:sg-1  genre:crossover  genre:casefile  genre:tagfic  trope:betrayal  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:trinket2018  web:ao3 
october 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic
Skin and Bones by blackchaps
Harold knows everything about John, except for one large detail that's going to get him in a lot of trouble. John wants to be left alone, and he's very suspicious of anyone who has plans for him after years of abuse at the hands of the government. The fur is gonna fly.

This is pure indulgence on my part, written in my Yellow universe. The first is Turn Into Something Beautiful, set in the Stargate Atlantis fandom, John/Rodney. The titles are from the song, 'Yellow' by Coldplay. If you're looking for an episode recitation story this isn't your story. Also, if you're looking for steamy porn, not gonna find it here either. Sorry.

Is this a crossover? Not until the very damn end, where the stories dovetail. I'll give you a warning if you want to ditch before the SGA boys show up. All non-con is off screen.
fanfic  pre-slash  fandom:personofinterest  genre:au  genre:adventure  genre:crossover  genre:hurt/comfort  trope:animals  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:blackchaps  web:ao3  note:series 
september 2018 by moonbeamsfanfic

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