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5 times Bucky and Steve were Unnaturally Comfortable Around Each Other, and the 1 Time They Weren’t - WhatTheBodyGraspsNot
Five times Steve and Bucky should have been uncomfortable but weren't, so Tony and Clint devise a plan to prove that they're sleeping together (even though they aren't, they're just really really oblivious).
rating:M  length:medium  fandom:marvel  pairing:bucky/steve  tag:fluff  tag:5times 
23 days ago by seussian
Price - emungere
Written for this prompt, although it's strayed a little from the prompt's intention I think, sorry! Prompt: Enter Will Graham, escort in D.C. providing the powerful men of Capitol Hill what they need because he knows them better than they could know themselves.
rating:E  length:medium  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will 
23 days ago by seussian
Just So Long and Long Enough - busaikko
Dave Sheppard learns more about his brother and gets drawn into a tangle of secrets and truths.
rating:T  length:medium  fandom:stargateatlantis  pairing:john/rodney 
23 days ago by seussian
Pulse - derangedfangirl
"It's not that you're dangerous, Maverick. It's that you have all the self control of a fucking child." Top Gun Kink Meme fill- Spanking.
rating:E  length:medium  fandom:topgun  pairing:maverick/iceman  tag:pwp  tag:kink 
23 days ago by seussian
What You Don’t Know - chemm80
Maverick finds Iceman handcuffed to his bed. He has a hard time getting over it.
rating:E  fandom:topgun  length:medium  pairing:maverick/iceman 
23 days ago by seussian
Pegasus Non-Verbal - igrab
John always gets a little thrill when he sees Rodney sign at him across the room, casually dissing people literally standing next to him and John is the only one who knows.
rating:T  length:medium  fandom:stargateatlantis  pairing:john/rodney  au:deaf 
23 days ago by seussian
Auld Acquaintance - triedunture
Due to magic or whatever, Steve is transformed back into his small self while pursuing the Winter Soldier on New Year's Eve. Bucky, seemingly acting on instinct, chooses to protect him despite his mistrust.

Also, Steve is a bit of a tiny powerbottom.
fandom:marvel  pairing:bucky/steve  length:medium  rating:E  tag:pwp 
23 days ago by seussian
How to Have an Office Romance: A Comprehensive Guide - laughtershock
Q's mother sends him a horribly gaudy Christmas jumper, and it all seems to go downhill from there.
rating:E  fandom:jamesbond  pairing:bond/q  length:medium 
23 days ago by seussian
Unusual Weather - novembersmith
Bucky’s been at the Avengers Tower for three weeks before he finally gives in to Steve’s gentle coaxing and Stark’s cheerful waving of fistfuls of circuits, and lets them scan the arm.

It doesn’t go well.
rating:E  fandom:marvel  length:medium  pairing:bucky/steve 
24 days ago by seussian
Knight Rider and Greyskull - amidtheflowers
What would have happened if Billy showed up at the Byers house and was instead accidentally inducted into the Gang of Kicking Demogorgon Ass? Well, a lot. Too damn much, if Steve has anything to say about it.
rating:T  fandom:strangerthings  pairing:steve/billy  length:medium 
24 days ago by seussian
Storm in a Teacup - Faith Wood (faithwood)
For reasons he'd rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter's hair. This cannot end well.
pairing:harry/draco  fandom:harrypotter  length:medium  rating:M 
24 days ago by seussian
Abide - pr0nz69 - Fire Emblem Heroes [Archive of Our Own]
"Under the terms of surrender, you are obligated to keep me alive," Alfonse warns.

"Of course I will keep you alive, little prince," Veronica says. "After all, you wouldn't be much fun to me dead. Oh yes, you should know that I keep all of my playthings in fair condition--barring a little bit of..."

She pauses here, pretending to think up an appropriate term.

"Rough play."


Princess Veronica knows her father wanted her to unite the world of Zenith under the Emblian flag, but he never saw that pretty little prince from Askr. Conquering a kingdom is tedious work, though, and she's been awfully lonely lately...
author:pr0nz69  verse:fireemblemheroes  length:medium  status:wip  kink:femdom  kink:slave 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Don't Take This Sinner
Hermione Granger couldn’t help but think that no matter how difficult they had all figured rebuilding their society would be, no one was expecting anything quite like this. It was another stark reminder that just when things were finally starting to level out, they would never truly have peace and stability. Her entire life in the magical world had been full of shocks and stumbles, and this one seemed like the biggest of them all.
author:hexmionegranger  verse:hp  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco  length:medium  marriagelaw!fic 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
Never Talk to Strangers - mambo - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Never Talk to Strangers: or; How a Forgotten Childhood Lesson Led Bucky Barnes to Appreciate Charlie Chaplin, Befriend an A.I., Slip on Soap Bubbles, Be Mistaken for a Succubus, and Try to Woo a Superhero.
Pairing:James'Bucky'Barnes/SteveRogers  Length:medium  shrunkyclunks  Rating:TeenAndUpAudiences  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting 
july 2018 by hepalien
Advent - coyotesuspect - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
It's December of 1976. The Ministry is more concerned about cracking down on werewolves than it is about disappearing Muggleborns, Remus is a lousy prefect but a decent friend, and James has declared that all Christmas gifts must be "creative" this year. Includes strongly worded letters to the editor, Muggle protest tactics, Quidditch games, and a very temperamental Sirius. Happy Christmas!
Length:medium  mwpp  christmas  Rating:TeenAndUpAudiences  Pairing:SiriusBlack/RemusLupin 
july 2018 by hepalien
Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake - Sparseparsley - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean is a waiter in a strip club to put his kid brother through school. Castiel is dragged to the club as a part of his sister Anna's bachelorette party. Dean and Cas hit it off, but Dean thinks Cas is the one marrying Anna.
Length:medium  romcom  misunderstandings  Rating:Explicit  AlternateUniverse-Human  Pairing:Castiel/DeanWinchester 
july 2018 by hepalien

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