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Shall We Dance? by Mireille719
Since Larry had already agreed to take Stacy--her mom was his mom's best friend, or something like that--Xander didn't think Snyder had anything to worry about, but he'd just shrugged and nodded and pretended to be intimidated. And then, when Anya had asked him to the prom, he'd decided that at least he and Larry would be at the prom sort-of together. That had been a stupid idea.
rating:PG-13  genre:humor  genre:drama  Author:Mireille719  pairing:Xander/Larry  length:drabble=[0-1k]  BTVS/Angel  from delicious
august 2013 by TehOpheliac
Anders/M!Hawke + Qunari, "For the Greater Good," Anders' feather cloak is irresistable. Oneshot
It took all of five minutes for an undignified shriek to echo through Lowtown. The qunari had picked Anders up by the collar and was combing its fingers through the feathered mantle he wore. It appeared to make a decision and began to rub it's cheek against the feathers, making low sounds of consideration.

At a panicked glance from Anders, Hawke cleared his throat, "Um, good afternoon?"

The qunari paused, grasping the mantle—which to it, just happened to be attached to Anders—possessively, "This bas is very soft and warm."
length:drabble=[0-1k]  genre:crack  genre:humor  author:anonymous-poster  genre:general  pairing:none  Dragon_Age  from delicious
january 2013 by TehOpheliac
Haunted Lives by asnowyowl
From across the room, Albus spoke to him from his own portrait. “Why put him through such pain? Would it be so bad for Harry to know the truth?”

Snape’s attention shot to the other man. “Of course it would. You know what it was like last time. All that pining and depression.”

“But you two have been soul-bonded for centuries, Severus… since before the founding of Hogwarts!”
soulmates  genre:drama  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:angst  Author:asnowyowl  rating:pg-13  length:drabble=[0-1k]  Snarry  from delicious
july 2012 by TehOpheliac
Whisper Aloud
It's a long way down, Merlin thinks dizzily. It doesn't look so far during the day, but at night, with only pinpricks of light to show the passing of people, it seems further. Merlin digs his fingers into the cold stone. He wants to pound his fists into it, bash his head against the stone, but that won't help.

He is beginning to think that nothing will help. He spends his days biting his tongue every time someone mentions sorcery and dragging his eyes away from the strong line of Arthur's jaw or the gold glint of his hair in the sunshine. Maybe the Dragon was wrong. Destiny isn't supposed to hurt like this, is it? If it is, Merlin thinks they will have to find someone else. He isn't strong enough to keep doing this.
suicidal!Merlin  Warning:suicidal-thoughts  Warning:suicidal  warning:attempted-suicide  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:angst  genre  genre:dark  author:anonymous-poster  rating:pg-13  length:drabble=[0-1k]  genre:friendship/pre-slash  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin  from delicious
january 2012 by TehOpheliac
quakewithfear: [Batman: The Dark Knight] - Equilibrium (The Joker/Harvey Dent)
The Joker chuckled. “Did I hit a nerve, Harvey? I am sorry… But you do realize that it’s hard not to when you’ve got so many of them exposed right out there in the open.”
Batman  pairing:Joker/Batman  pairing:Joker/Harvey  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  Author:quakewithfear  genre:drama  genre:almost_angst  genre:humor  genre:friendship/pre-slash  from delicious
april 2011 by TehOpheliac
Clarity, by RubyNye [Rachel/Harvey/Bruce]
Behind her, Rachel hears a catch in one man's breath, though the other continues with steady softness. Bruce is awake, probably, if he ever went to sleep. He'd kissed Rachel, almost lightly, and handed her to Harvey, and Harvey had kissed her with exhilaration, his smile bright, his hands warm. They'd lain down in each other's arms, and Bruce had kissed Harvey, kissed the nape of Rachel's neck, tucking himself to her back; but when Rachel woke up, her arms were around Bruce, his arm across Harvey's waist.
Batman  pairing:Rachel/Harvey/Bruce  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:R  Author:rubynye  genre:drama  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  warning:het  from delicious
april 2011 by TehOpheliac
DA2 - How do you know... by *equinexus on deviantART
"… In the afterglow of their long, vigorous evening, the Tevinter elf rose to redress himself, trying his best not to wake Hawke. The visions of his past were haunting him, and he felt desperate as he stared into the fire, trying to sort his jumbled thoughts. The Champion soon stirred in his sheets, rising just slightly to view Fenris lovingly. He quickly became worried by the former slave's demeanor.
Dragon_Age  Game:2  pairing:Hawke/Fenris  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  Author:equinexus  genre:drama  genre:humor  genre:crack  from delicious
april 2011 by TehOpheliac
dragonage_kink: Dragon Age 2 PT1 - CLOSED for new requests and OPEN for fills. *SPOILERS FOR DA:2*
"No, seriously. How do you still look so young after all these years? I mean, Merrill and Fenris, I get, they're Dalish, they don't count. But everyone else here has at least some signs of aging. I swear I saw some grey hairs on Aveline's head lately and I'm definitely not getting any younger myself."<br />
<br />
At that, Merrill interrupted, "Maybe if you frowned less, you'd have less of those wrinkles on your forehead?" Anders frowned.
Dragon_Age  Game:2  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  author:anonymous-poster  genre:crack  genre:humor  genre:drama  sneaky!Hawke  from delicious
april 2011 by TehOpheliac
dragonage_kink: Dragon Age: Origins Kink Meme, Part Two
Zevran tilted his head. “Mm. You know who I am, yes?" he said with a soft and honeyed voice. "I was one of the Crows you hired to kill the Grey Wardens...”<br />
<br />
Loghain's mouth formed a stern, thin line, expressing his opinion of the whole sorry affair as clearly as his dour tone of voice. “Zevran. I thought you looked familiar.” Unlike many humans, he’d never thought that elves all looked alike. When he’d led the Night Elves during the Rebellion, of course he’d had to recognise them from mere glimpses of their faces.<br />
<br />
“Well, I just wanted to report that I failed my mission, Loghain.”
Dragon_Age  Game:Origins  pairing:Zevran/Loghain  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  author:anonymous-poster  genre:humor  from delicious
april 2011 by TehOpheliac
runpunkrun: pants, physics, john talking about his feelings
"Pay attention. Edward Witten is going to be there." Rodney clenches his fists, like a Southern belle vowing never to get involved in highly classified military projects again. "This is my first paper since declassification. I have to look my best when I crush his will to live and leave him a broken man, too traumatized to ever publish again. Highest rated h-index of any living physicist my sweet, sweet ass," he mumbles.<br />
<br />
"See now," John says. "I said you had a nice ass. You just gotta believe in yourself."
McShep  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  Author:runpunkrun  established_relationship  genre:humor  genre:schmoop/fluff  Post-series  theme:earthside  from delicious
march 2011 by TehOpheliac
runpunkrun: john's got a crush
John's willing to admit his crush on Rodney might be getting a little out of hand.<br />
<br />
"I can't believe you got us thrown in jail for being gay," Rodney says, scowling at him from the other side of their tiny grass hut. John loves it when Rodney scowls. John must have a goofy look on his face because Rodney kicks at him and scowls even harder. "And why am I here? I wasn't even sitting at the same table as you!"
McShep  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:R  Author:runpunkrun  genre:humor  genre:schmoop/fluff  pining!John  theme:imprisoned  offworld  from delicious
march 2011 by TehOpheliac
lavvyan: Missing scene for "Routines" (McShep, PG)
McKay didn't answer, and John pressed his hands harder on the door, "McKay? McKay!"<br />
<br />
Something fizzed under his hands, and he jerked them back. He turned the palms up but there was not a mark on them. He looked at the door, and the blue arcs of electricity dancing across it. "McKay!"<br />
<br />
[Missing Scenes from: Routines]
McShep  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg  author:lavvyan  genre:drama  genre:hurt/comfort  established_relationship  theme:sentient!Atlantis  from delicious
march 2011 by TehOpheliac
cupidsbow: "intimated" by cupidsbow
Some nights, when John walks into his quarters, he calls out, "Hi Honey, I'm home." He says it with self-deprecation as the lights flicker on to reveal the emptiness; it's clearly a joke. The general consensus is that he's saying it to the city.<br />
<br />
Everyone knows he does it, thanks to the Atlantis gossip mill: a couple of years ago, he'd returned from the mainland ahead of schedule, walked into his quarters thinking about how much he wanted a shower, and accidentally said it to Sergeant Azfal and Dr Uduchuku who were half-way through cleaning up the remains of an infestation of wire-eating bugs. They'd both stared at him, elbow deep in a nest of bug carcasses, and then Azfal had said, "You're home early!" and Uduchuku said, "This isn't what it looks like!" and John had paused, raised an eyebrow at the dead bugs in his sheets and drawled, "There are some things a man should never have to see," before turning and walking off to spend the night in the barracks.<br />
<br />
Thus the legend was born.
McShep  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  Author:cupidsbow  genre:humor  genre:drama  genre:angst  pining!John  from delicious
march 2011 by TehOpheliac
illocutionary: with nothing left to gain
David crawled onto shore, dragging the man’s body with him. He flips him over, so that he’s facing upwards. He shakes his head to get rid of all the water, and hears the guy’s shallow breathing, as his chests heaves up and down.<br />
<br />
Stupid, stupid, stupid! Dave doesn’t know who to be angry at more—this moron for thinking it’s a great idea to drag him into playing the goddamn Batman or himself for going along with it. He could’ve fucking died, swan-diving into the Hudson River just to save this idiot.
Glee  pairing:Blaine/Karofsky  length:drabble=[0-1k]  rating:pg-13  Author:illocutionary  genre:drama  genre:humor  warning:attempted-suicide  from delicious
february 2011 by TehOpheliac

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