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Hockey RPF - We fit together like a tailor-made suit by Squidbittles [Archive of Our Own]
Fresh off a World Cup win, Quidditch star Sidney Crosby is ready to put down roots in the UK. He might be expecting a trip down memory lane when he takes his younger sister shopping for Hogwarts, but he’s not expecting Evgeni Malkin, former breakout Durmstrang Chaser and Team Russia lock (not to mention Sid’s Quidditch crush), working at a robe shop. Malkin’s disappearance had rocked the Quidditch world, and seeing him again leaves Sid feeling some kind of way.
auto_save  rating:Mature  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:Squidbittles  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Hockey RPF - Make my own good home by Squidbittles [Archive of Our Own]
At 27, Sidney's divorced, sharing custody of his daughter with his ex-wife, and has a reputation for renovating historic homes. He's just doing what he loves, but an audition tape he doesn't remember submitting to HGTV lands him a job offer in Pittsburgh. A few years later, it brings him the client that will change his life.
auto_save  rating:Teen_And_Up_Audiences  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:Squidbittles  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Hockey RPF - The Truth About Cats, Dogs and Penguins by Hils [Archive of Our Own]
Geno wasn't exactly looking for love, but these things are out of your hands when you're friends with Alexander Ovechkin.

Sidney wasn't exactly looking for love either, but it's hard to tell that to a bunch of meddling French-Canadians.

Or the one where Geno runs an animals shelter, Sid tries online dating under a fake name, and romance happens.
auto_save  rating:Teen_And_Up_Audiences  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  pairing:Carl_Hagelin/Phil_Kessel  author:Hils  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Hockey RPF - Forget What You Thought by coricomile [Archive of Our Own]
"Tishy know a guy who know a guy who have party tonight," Geno says, grinning. "LA turn him into starfucker." Tanger snorts, shaking his hair out hard enough to splatter Horny with sweat. Sid glances over at the wrestling match that breaks out, digging his nails under his sock tape. All of them are officially too old for this kind of behavior, but Sid still grins when Tanger goes down hard on the ground, Horny following right after him. "We go?"
auto_save  rating:Explicit  fandom:Hockey_RPF  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Cobra_Starship  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Gabe_Saporta  author:coricomile  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Men's Hockey RPF - Saudade by secretsidgenowriter [Archive of Our Own]
(n.) a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost; “the love that remains.”
auto_save  rating:Teen_And_Up_Audiences  fandom:Men's_Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:secretsidgenowriter  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Men's Hockey RPF - Sugar, Butter, Flour by secretsidgenowriter [Archive of Our Own]
Sid’s opening the front awning of the truck when Brian shows up with two paper cups in his hands.

“You bought coffee,” Sid asks and Brian stops five feet away from him. “We make coffee.”

Brian blinks at him and then down at the coffee. “Do you want it or not?”

Sid sighs and lets go of the awning so it floats all the way up then puts his hand out.
auto_save  rating:General_Audiences  fandom:Men's_Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:secretsidgenowriter  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Hockey RPF - Gone Soft and Blue With Stories by secretsidgenowriter [Archive of Our Own]
Geno has been in Pittsburgh for six months and living in the tiny apartment above his flower shop for two and, so far, Sid is the only friend he’s made.

They’ve never even met.
auto_save  rating:Mature  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:secretsidgenowriter  length:20000-50000 
may 2019 by eledhwenlin
Papilio machaon by merryofsoul (namkook, BTS)
(locked to AO3)

Oh gosh, the feelings this story gives me...it's so so good. I love the way it takes its time showing how Jungkook's crush becomes something deeper and so lovely over time and exposure to Namjoon, but the absolute fondness they have for each other is so clear from the start. And the way their friendship groups become one, and how we get glimpses into the other two relationships (yoonjin and vhopemin) gives me even more feels. I really love this story and I enjoy it just as much each time I reread it.
rpf  kpop  bts  slash  namkook  vhopemin  yoonjin  trope:collegeAU  author:merryofsoul  length:20000-50000 
april 2019 by proteinscollide
nothing that shines brighter than you by misspamela (showhyuk, Monsta X)
(locked to AO3)

Single dad Hyunwoo is desperate when he hires Minhyuk as his nanny; and when everything's working out what is he do with the fact he's fallen in love?

I love so much of this but the absolute major thing for me here is how beautifully Minhyuk is written - I love how true to character he is here, recognisable even in this AU setting. And the dynamics in this story - all those found family feelings - had me sniffling at times. Just a lovely read.
rpf  kpop  monsta.x  slash  showhyuk  trope:kidfic  author:miss_pamela  length:20000-50000  fic 
april 2019 by proteinscollide
It's the devil I love (and it's as real as true love) by popliar (littlerhymes) (Yoongi/Hoseok/Taehyung, BTS)
Author summary: "Something is very wrong with Seokjin, and the only one who seems able to help Yoongi find the cure is Hoseok. Too bad he doesn't trust him. A Boy Meets Evil and Blood, Sweat & Tears AU."

How many times and in how many places can I scream about how much I love this? This is SO GOOD. I honestly would read a book of this, it's so lush and tense and I had my heart in my mouth the whole time wondering how it would all play out. It's so gorgeously written, exciting and interesting in all the world building but also managing to convey all the feelings and histories underneath the plot.
rpf  kpop  slash  fic  bts  sope  vhope  taegi  taeyoonseok  ot3  trope:angels&demons  author:littlerhymes  length:20000-50000 
december 2018 by proteinscollide
just add band-aids by vivalagay (Minhyuk/Jooheon, Monsta X)
Minhyuk keeps dating the wrong people and getting his heart broken, and Jooheon has to suffer through watching his crush do it over and over again. Good read with delicious pining and a happy ending.
rpf  kpop  monsta.x  slash  fic  joohyuk  trope:not!famousAU  author:vivalagay  length:20000-50000 
december 2018 by proteinscollide
oh no (i think i like you) by vivalagay (Kihyun/Hyungwon, Monsta X)
Ohhhh yes a college AU with enemies-to-friends-to lovers (and bonus cute animals!). I reread this one when I'm feeling down.
rpf  fic  kpop  slash  monsta.x  hyunghyun  trope:collegeAU  trope:enemies-to-lovers-to-friends  author:vivalagay  length:20000-50000 
december 2018 by proteinscollide
Hockey RPF - For the Roses by ionthesparrow [Archive of Our Own]
The bell shatters the quiet. The gates snap open and they run. Like blood through veins, like water over a cliff, they run like what they are: creatures bred for generations to fly.
auto_save  rating:Mature  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  pairing:Jeff_Carter/Mike_Richards  author:ionthesparrow  length:20000-50000 
december 2018 by eledhwenlin
Men's Hockey RPF - Private Show by sevenfists [Archive of Our Own]
It was hot, and Sid felt kind of weird about thinking it was hot. This guy was screwing himself on camera for money. That wasn’t really Sid’s scene.

He closed the browser window. Fine for other people, but not his thing.
auto_save  rating:Explicit  fandom:Men's_Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:sevenfists  length:20000-50000 
november 2018 by eledhwenlin

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