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Four Letter Word For Intercourse by bendingsignpost
As a grease monkey turned college freshman, Dean's constantly three seconds away from being stressed out of his mind. It hardly helps that he's finally figuring out his sexuality in his thirties.

What might help with that stress is a little phone number (and a big credit card bill). If he can't figure out how to be bisexual in person, he can at least give it a go over the phone, right?

(It's probably a bad idea, but he really can't help himself.)
Supernatural  rating:E  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  mechanic!dean  student!dean  professor!cas  sex_worker!cas  bdsm  mental_health_issues  anxiety  phone_sex  slow_burn  two_person_love_triangle  hurt_comfort  romance  length:195k 
january 2019 by emi.caro

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anxiety  au  bdsm  castiel_dean  chapter  complete  hurt_comfort  mechanic!dean  mental_health_issues  phone_sex  professor!cas  rating:e  romance  sex_worker!cas  slow_burn  student!dean  supernatural  two_person_love_triangle 

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