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Astolat - Harry Potter - 'Reparatio'
Draco snorted. “I’m not reduced to penury. I want something considerably beyond money, and I rather think you’re the only one can give it to me.”

“You want the Invisibility Cloak,” Harry said, flatly. He’d half expected as much; it was the only thing he had that Draco could want—

“Don’t be stupid, Potter,” Draco said. “I want my reputation back.”

[17,363 words]
fic  hp  harry/draco  device:fake.dating  length:15-25k  astolat 
april 2016 by teneagles
Astolat - Harry Potter - 'House Proud'
Draco gave Harry a superior look and swept past him into the dining room. Harry went after him and stopped short, because as Malfoy walked along the length of the room to join the rest of the Slytherins at the other end, the whole room changed around him. It wasn’t a transfiguration; nothing actually changed shape. It was more like—looking through a dirty pane of glass as someone wiped it clean. The heavy curtains shivered themselves out, little rains of dust falling, and suddenly they looked blue instead of grey; they pulled themselves more tightly to the window frames, so more light spilled into the room.

[23,112 words]
fic  hp  harry/draco  device:isolation  length:15-25k  astolat 
april 2016 by teneagles
halsinator - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - 'Hal-an-Tow'
In which a flowering fairy orchard introduces a troubling new idea to Childermass and Segundus. (Sex. The idea is sex.)

[18,940 words]
fic  jsmn  length:15-25k 
august 2015 by teneagles
poisonivory - The Flash - 'And I'm Crashing Into You'
Cisco fixes things that are broken, like super-suits and hearts. It's what friends do, right?

[19,750 words]
fic  dc  flash  cisco/barry  dccu  length:15-25k 
august 2015 by teneagles
astolat - Captain America - 'Wings'
“Jesus,” Sam whispered, sick. He tried to jerk against the restraints again, involuntarily, desperate to reach around and touch and find out—

Pain fired all along his back, the thing inside him trying to move, too, like another arm reaching back. “Jesus!” Sam said, his voice rising, what did they put in me—

“Perhaps some sedative,” Doctor Kardan was saying thoughtfully. “A little midozolam, nurse, if you please—” The world went soft and fuzzy and faded out into static.

[21,743 words]
fic  captain.america  post-canon  marvel  mcu  sam/steve  length:15-25k  astolat 
may 2014 by teneagles
hawksjolras - Hockey RPF - A Very Kaner Christmas
Patrick blurts, “I need you to be my Christmas boyfriend.”

“No,” Jonny says. He sounds confused, but in Patrick’s defense, it was a pretty straightforward request. Like, there’s only so much a guy can do.

Fake dating! Bulletproof trope.

[15,356 words]
fic  hockeyrpf  tazer/kaner  device:fake.dating  length:15-25k 
january 2014 by teneagles
onrooftops - Teen Wolf - 'Say Something'
Derek and Stiles begin sleeping - just, literally, sleeping - with each other. Nicely believable development of an emotional relationship follows. Lovely stuff.

[18,412 words]
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  length:15-25k 
october 2012 by teneagles
lynadyndyn - Original Fic - 'Cheat the Camera'
Thinly disguised Mark Wahlberg/Andy Samberg rpf. For all the wtfness of the pairing, really surprisingly good.

[17,000+ words]
fic  original-fic  rpf  length:15-25k 
september 2012 by teneagles
hito - Teen Wolf - 'last night's dress (tiptoe out of this mess)'
"This guy that came through your window at three in the morning and left before I got up for work? Would he like to stay for Sunday brunch tomorrow?"

Stiles chokes on air and starts coughing, thumping himself on the chest and desperately hoping that lightning will crash through the kitchen window and strike him dead on the spot before he has to speak.

It doesn't, because Stiles never has that kind of luck.

"I'll--ask?" Stiles squeaks.

"That was not a request," his dad says, draining his glass and getting up to leave. "There will be trouble if I do not see him at this table tomorrow."

[16,730 words.]
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  device:fake.dating  length:15-25k 
august 2012 by teneagles
thehoyden - Hockey RPF - 'This Must Be the Place'
He goes upstairs, eventually, and pauses outside the guest bedroom that he has slept in on occasion, when he’s stayed too late or had a bit more to drink than his usual limit. But the bed is bare, and anyway, Jeffrey nudges him along, essentially herding him down the hallway to the master bedroom. That bed is made up, and he’s tired enough that he thinks it can’t hurt to sleep in Geno’s bed for one night.

Super sweet.

[17,818 words.]
fic  hockeyrpf  sid/geno  length:15-25k 
july 2012 by teneagles
Zee - Teen Wolf - 'Trust and Other Catastrophes'
When a guy only ever shows up because he wants to induct your best friend into his creepy underage harem, threaten you for information, or because your lives are in mutual danger, how can you tell if he's avoiding you? These are not questions that Stiles ever thought he would have to ask, but then, it's also not the strangest quandary to come up since Scott became a werewolf.

[22,100 words.]
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  length:15-25k 
july 2012 by teneagles
thebodyeclectic - Teen Wolf - 'Any Way You Slice It'
Wherein Isaac is Derek and Stiles's feelings child and also everyone thinks the end of their amicable buddyfucking was something out of those CW soaps Stiles swears he doesn't watch and tries to get them back together.

[19,366 words]
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  futurefic  length:15-25k 
july 2012 by teneagles
Renay - Teen Wolf - 'Open the Door'
The one where Derek gives Stiles his jacket. The first fic in TW fandom to really blow up, I think.
"Well, you can't really blame me." Stiles does not back away. He's totally not hoping for manhandling again. "It's been a confusing time for everyone."

"No, it's just you," Derek says. "It's all over you and has been since the night I became Alpha. Considering you've never known any others, it's understandable."

"Have you been *sniffing* me?"

"No," Derek says. "I've been breathing normally and you've been leaking your feelings everywhere."

[24,871 words.]
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  length:15-25k 
july 2012 by teneagles
Shoemaster - Hockey RPF, Skating RPF - 'Incidental Contact'
Brent doesn't understand why Duncs is being so weird about his Olympic fling with Johnny Weir.

[18,196 words]
fic  hockeyrpf  skatingrpf  rpf  duncs/seabs  johnny.weir  length:15-25k 
july 2012 by teneagles
thehoyden - Hockey RPF - "Tour de Force"
“Write what you know” was good enough advice for Jo March, so it’s good enough for Patrick Kane.

[23,521 words]
fic  hockeyrpf  kaner/tazer  device:secret!genius  thehoyden  length:15-25k  ★★★★★ 
june 2012 by teneagles

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