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Excessively Clever - astolat - Transformers Generation One [Archive of Our Own]
“Don’t let this become one of the occasions you get excessively clever, Swindle," Megatron said. "My patience for the current situation is highly limited.”
author:astolat  fandom:Transformers  pairing:Megatron/Optimus.Prime  rating:NC-17  length:10k-20k  content:voyeurism  content:fighting  fic:prose  complete 
3 days ago by puckling
Athelas - astolat - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
There was a sharp and bitter edge crept into the words, a reminder that not all was well: that Thor still had a brother, but not a friend.
author:astolat  fandom:Thor  pairing:Loki/Thor  rating:NC-17  length:10k-20k  content:torture  content:PTSD  content:fighting  content:death  content:intoxication  fic:prose  complete 
20 days ago by puckling
Past the Last Exit - Chapter 1 - Annakovsky - Veep [Archive of Our Own]
Once you're accidentally married for political expediency, accidentally having a baby for political expediency is just the next logical step.
author:annakovsky  fandom:Veep  pairing:Amy.Brookheimer/Dan.Egan  rating:NC-17  length:10k-20k  content:kid!fic  content:fake.dating  fic:prose  complete 
5 weeks ago by puckling
The Curves of Your Lips Rewrite History - Chapter 1 - zamwessell - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Javert/Valjean - hatesex that becomes a genuine relationship.

From the prompt: Javert recognises Madeline as Valjean from the moment they meet, but they both know that any accusation would come down to his word against that of a respected businessman. So Javert goes about his duties and waits for Valjean to slip up, while Valjean goes about his life and waits for Javert to denounce him.

Of course it would all be so much easier if they didn't have to see each other every day.
author:zamwessell  fandom:Les.Miserables  pairing:Javert/Jean.Valjean  rating:NC-17  length:10k-20k  warnings:none  fic:prose  complete 
5 weeks ago by puckling
nothing i wouldn't do
Maybe the reason it feels so urgent is because they've finally found the proper way to be: the right amount of closeness, the most overwhelming kind of love. It's right to do this with Ritsu and not with anyone else, because Mob feels this way about Ritsu and not about anyone else. He wants to feel this way with Ritsu, and not with anyone else; he wants Ritsu to feel it only with him, as well.
#mob_psycho_100  mp100:ritsu  mp100:shigeo  mp100:ritsu/shigeo  m/m  length:10k-20k  kink:incest  kink:intimacy 
7 weeks ago by spywindow
my body in a different light
Mob Psycho 100: Ritsu x Shigeo, genderswapped sex pollen, 17k words. // Abruptly she goes for the first toggle of her sister’s bright blue winter coat. Shige steps back, startled: the wall is behind her. Ritsu manages to yank open the second toggle too – and then Shige closes her hands over hers, to stop her, and it’s better at once, it’s all better. Ritsu sighs in deep blissful relief and forgets all about opening the coat; instead she twists her grip so she can hold her sister's hands properly, linking their fingers, pressing the damp heat of her bare palms against the perfect cool of Shige’s.
#mob_psycho_100  mp100:shigeo  mp100:ritsu  mp100:ritsu/shigeo  f/f  kink:aphrodisiac  kink:desperation  kink:incest  length:10k-20k 
7 weeks ago by spywindow
Snapshots - layersofart (layersofsilence), newsbypostcard - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve picks up the picture to be sure of what he saw, but there's been no mistake. "It doesn't even have a Navy stamp," he says, turning the photo toward her. "What is this?"

"Are you asking me?"

"It looks like a pin-up."

"Yes," Natasha agrees. "It does."


Post TWS: Steve is trying to find Bucky. Instead, he finds the sexy Navy "propaganda" Bucky somehow never mentioned he modeled for before the war.
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/steve  setting:post-winter.soldier  type:big.bang  year:2019  length:10k-20k  notes:positive.ending  notes:sweet  subject:art 
12 weeks ago by rainbowslinky
training motions - Chapter 1 - Nonymos - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
If Alexander Pierce, notorious weapons dealer, can be tricked into selling to SHIELD, his entire business will be exposed and the planet will be just a little safer. Steve's not the best at undercover work, but there was nobody else for the job and he would do anything to close the deal.
Of course, things get complicated when the deal turns into a competition. Things get more complicated when the competition starts hinging on who can hurt Pierce's submissive the most. Steve's not certain James is here on his own free will, and Steve's not certain he can compromise his morals, even to save millions of lives.
fandom:avengers  kink:htp  tw:non-con  p:marvel:bucky/steve  verse:mcu  type:big.bang  kink:object.insertion  kink:humiliation  tw:abuse  kink:d/s  kink:piercings  tw:torture  character-type:slave  character-type:spy  genre:au  notes:dead.dove  author:nonymos  length:10k-20k 
june 2019 by rainbowslinky
A Real Boy - Sineala - Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
When Steve shows up for the Avengers' team meeting, he quickly discovers that the version of Tony in attendance this week is the artificial intelligence. But Tony is still Tony, the man Steve has loved for years, and him being a hologram doesn't stop the two of them from falling for each other. They just have a few kinks to work out.
fandom:avengers  verse:616  p:marvel:tony/steve  character-type:robot  c:marvel:steve.rogers  kink:masterbation  length:10k-20k  year:2019  notes:bittersweet  authors:s 
june 2019 by rainbowslinky
fighting vainly the old ennui
The Bowerbird wasn't playing fair; Jack couldn't debate these pieces of paper. He couldn't tell pieces of paper and a growing pile of feathers that he, too, remembered the rare treat that was eating a single piece of tropical fruit in the heavy heat of a Christmas afternoon, stickying his best suit of clothes, which had been so clean and pressed for church that morning.

(In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.)
author:Fahye  fandom:MissFisher  pairing:Phryne/Jack  length:10k-20k  rating:T  genre:AR  genre:get-together  feelings:hmm 
june 2019 by darthjamtart
between the motion and the act
"They don't want it to be real," Laurent says. He touches lightly, with his fingertips, where he's written LOVE WINS. "They want us to sell them a fantasy, and they want just enough reality that they can pretend it might happen to them, one day."

Author's Note: This started life as a series of ficlets on Tumblr, now sewn together to form a full story. Although it is a Bachelor AU, it owes most of its backbone to the show Unreal.
author:Fahye  fandom:CaptivePrince  rating:T  length:10k-20k  pairing:Damen/Laurent  genre:get-together  genre:AU  feelings:fluff  feelings:loltastic 
june 2019 by darthjamtart
dance with a ghost - crinklefries - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Captain America is haunting me,” Bucky says over a bowl of ramen.

His pronouncement is met with a round of silence.

“Captain America,” Natasha says. “As in--”

“The first Avenger,” Bucky confirms. “Supersoldier and hero of World War II. The fabric of the American conscience.”

“But he’s--dead,” Sam says. His look of perplexed concern, ever perplexed and ever concerned, only increases. “You’re aware of that, right?”

“I know,” Bucky says. “That’s why I said he’s haunting me.”
notes:cute  notes:sweet  fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/steve  verse:mcu  character-type:ghost  trope:shrunkyclunks  genre:humor  genre:romance  genre:au  length:10k-20k  authors:c  year:2019 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
Always and Always - buckyjerkbarnes - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“I always liked daisies,” Sam confessed, only after Clint admitted he had a fond admiration for lavender and Wanda said she loved baby’s breath.

“I’m growing those,” Bucky told Sam.

Sam took a long sip of his drink, face smoothing over. “I’m deathly allergic.”

[OR the one where Bucky uses gardening as a coping mechanism, learns the language of flowers and starts dropping hints about his true feelings left, right and center—Steve can’t help it if he’s a little slow on the uptake.]
subject:recovery  subject:flowers  year:2016  length:10k-20k  p:marvel:bucky/steve  fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  trope:pining  notes:warm.and.fuzzy  authors:b  !favorites  !rec 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
Even as a Shadow - rubysharkruby - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky was different now but he was still here, still Bucky, and Steve didn't love this new quiet version any less.
[spoilers: bucky is a ghost]
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  p:marvel:bucky/steve  notes:fantastic  notes:dark  year:2017  length:10k-20k  notes:with!a!twist  type:unreliable.narrator  setting:wwii  !favorites  !rec  authors:r 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
though you're many years away - Chapter 1 - eyres - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Bucky wakes up 68 years after crashing a plane into the Atlantic, his first question is about Steve Rogers.

He finds him in a nursing home outside New York City. But the story doesn’t end there.

In which, Erskine never made it out of Europe, Steve never got the serum, and Bucky is the one who wakes up in the future.
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  year:2015  length:10k-20k  trope:de-serumed  authors:e 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
One Night with Captain America - CapnShellhead - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark bid five times the going rate to win a night with Captain America. Steve, for the life of him, can't understand why.

** Set in an Alternate Universe where Steve Rogers never became a soldier.
fandom:avengers  character-type:actor  kink:blowjob  length:10k-20k  p:marvel:tony/steve  year:2018  notes:soft  notes:mindthetags  type:first-time  authors:c 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
It's Just the Nearness of You - fiasco_sauce - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The growl started as soon as Steve stepped through the cell door.

Steve was barefoot and empty-handed, dressed only in sweatpants and a tank top. He spun in a slow circle to show there were no weapons tucked into his waistband or hidden at the small of his back. No threat, his lowered gaze and open palms said.

It was a lie, and the other man in the room knew it. Steve’s body was weapon enough.

(Post-CA:TWS Bucky catches up on gentle skin contact, courtesy of Steve.)
!masterpost  fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  p:marvel:bucky/steve  trope:alpha/omega  setting:post-winter.soldier  genre:hurt/comfort  year:2016  trope:feral!  length:10k-20k 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky

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