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Accidental Marriage Acquisition
Ivan knew better than to accidentally marry Gregor Vorbarra. He absolutely, absolutely knew better. But that still didn't stop it from happening.
Gregor/Ivan  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan 
3 days ago by sansets
The Landscape Of Merry And Desperate Drought.
"Don't have sex this week." Gregor's voice is just this side of Imperial and Ivan stops right in his tracks about five feet from the door. He looks over his shoulder at Gregor, who looks like nothing more than a man waiting for Ivan to finish leaving his study already. Um, okay? Ivan turns back and faces the door. Right. He can do this. Ivan nods in acknowledgment and finishes leaving his Emperor in peace.
rating:mature  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan  Gregor/Ivan  kink:orgasmdenial 
11 days ago by sansets
Puppy Love
"It's too little to be housebroken yet. You have train it." Steve stares at Dustin and the whole thing sinks in. "I cannot do this, I cannot be responsible for an animal, I can barely even be responsible for me --"
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
16 days ago by sansets
I am at rest with you
“One of these days, you’ll listen to the doctor when she tells you to lift with your knees,” David says. He gets up, taking Patrick’s empty glass with him. “Do you want some more orange juice, or would you rather just skip to combining liquor and pills?” There’s a pause from the direction of the kitchen. “Oh, god, Twyla left the cake here.”
David/Patrick  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek 
16 days ago by sansets
Got Those AU Blues
Five times they aren't really in an alternate universe.
rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Leverage  Hardison/Eliot/Parker 
16 days ago by sansets
How to Take it Slow
"Mm-hm. I'm getting a yes to something, here, is it a yes for checklists or a yes for clipboards? Either is fine." There's a bright, teasing gleam in David's eyes.
rating:mature  length:1001-5000  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
16 days ago by sansets
new tricks
“Um, I think we have ample evidence that I don’t have any problem asking for things.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m easy, Patrick,” he says. “I like a lot of things.” Patrick doesn’t look convinced, so David rests his forehead against Patrick’s. “I’m not going to die just because I haven’t gotten to bend you over a table.”
rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
10 weeks ago by sansets
End of Ends
“You were clear,” Rachel said. “I just thought . . . all those other times, we got back together—” “This is different.” “Yeah. It feels that way.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  Schitt'sCreek 
10 weeks ago by sansets
"I hate him," Simon added, his voice dreamlike. "Left me this fucking mess and no clue how to fix it. Damn him. Drilled me often enough on ducking faster, why didn't he duck faster? Damn him!" He drew back his arm with unexpected speed and lashed out at the files he'd been resting his head on. Aral caught them before they could spill over the floor, and moved the pile to the far side of the desk. Simon glared at him and for a moment Aral thought he was going to turn his amorphous anger on the nearest available target. He frowned, just a little, and Simon subsided. "Damn him," he whispered, and closed his eyes again. His breathing began to grow slower and heavier.
gen  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan 
10 weeks ago by sansets
Sleeping Arrangements
Further experience with his new team -- in tents, in inns, in various borrowed accommodations offworld -- taught John that Rodney was capable of migrating across virtually any distance to find the nearest source of body heat and burrow into it. He wouldn't actually leave one bed and move into another one -- thus, if he had a bed by himself, he was fine -- but otherwise, whoever took on Rodney as a roommate was inevitably going to wake up to find themselves shoved to the very edge of the bed, tent, fur-pile or whatever, with Rodney's arms and legs wrapped around them.
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Stargate:Atlantis 
10 weeks ago by sansets
“You are definitely thinking too much now,” Lando says, looking at her over Luke’s shoulder. “I’m afraid if you use the same solution, this will all get a little comical,” Luke says. “That’s ambitious even for me,” Lando says. “I have a better idea. Mara, why don’t you tell me exactly what I ought to do to him?”
Lando/Luke/Mara  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  StarWars 
10 weeks ago by sansets
warmest regards.
He doesn’t think he’s ever had a Stevie before. There’s been people he’s wanted to fuck, and people he wanted, and people he wanted to want him. There’s been people who broke his heart, who stepped all over him and asked for more, who insisted on being voyeurs to every secret part of him and then hated him for being knowable. There’s never been a Stevie. He feels like being known by her would almost not feel like being destroyed.
David/Stevie  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  rating:explicit 
12 weeks ago by sansets
steel and oak
He says, “We could go out and pretend.” Patrick actually shivers, like there’s nothing more he wants than to be in a seedy bar pretending David is a stranger, going through the motions of anonymous seduction. David is overcome with a vision of pushing Patrick into a bathroom stall and dropping to his knees. Patrick says, “Yes, another time, please — right now, can you talk to me?”
rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  kink:dirtytalk 
may 2019 by sansets
getting down to business
Patrick’s a methodical guy. He likes lists and systems and things that fit together; he likes having a plan and sticking to it. That’s how he got through business school; that’s how he got the grants for Rose Apothecary; that’s how he got David to date him. He researches, he makes a plan, and he makes it happen. Granted, in this case his “research” was mostly conducted between the hours of 10 and 11 pm, headphones in, door firmly shut, watching grainy video and thinking oh, yes, that, but the point stands. Planning is important, and Patrick is an excellent planner.
Schitt'sCreek  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  David/Patrick 
may 2019 by sansets
Tonight I'll Drift In A Dream With You
“Patrick is sleeping,” Alexis says helpfully. “I’m not really sure what David is doing, but earlier he was just sort of smiling dopily at the top of Patrick’s head. It was really gross.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
may 2019 by sansets
Liked it, put a ring on it
“While ruling an empire by your side sounds appealing, I do like having total creative control over our little store,” he says eventually. “Unsurprising,” Patrick laughs. He unlocks the store and David moves past him to punch in the alarm code. “It’s our decision, anyway,” David says, counting out the float. “Not just mine. We’re partners.” “We can put a pin in our five year plan to discuss it later,” Patrick says. “We have a five year plan?” David asks. “It’s like you don’t know me at all,” Patrick says, leaning over the counter to kiss him.
Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
may 2019 by sansets
shine bright
“I know it’s been stressing you out that you haven’t got a craft corner in the new place,” Rory says, flinging the office door open and Paris’s generous plans to hell, “so – ta da!”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gilmoregirls  Paris/Rory 
april 2019 by sansets
We Walk As Men
"Seriously, Ted," Bill said. "How bad could it be?"
BillandTed  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
april 2019 by sansets
a numismatic exhibition
He woke up, head pounding, and found out that yeah, he’d been stupid enough to write what he used to—what he still—what he hadn’t—and then, even stupider, so stupid how was he so—to put a stamp on it and leave it downstairs for the mailman who for once, damn him, showed up on time, which was just his luck, just so, so, so. Anyway. Ray didn’t wait to hear back. He chased that damn letter all the way across the border, over the continental divide, into Canada, most of the way to the North Pole. Head down, glasses on, overnight bag in his hand, Ray ran himself ragged trying to get ahead of the Canada Post, his brain skimming through plans to sneak it out of Fraser’s cabin, bribe the wolf, threaten the mail pilot with—something. Anything.
DueSouth  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Fraser/Kowalski 
march 2019 by sansets

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