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Memento Vivere
The Dark Lord has risen. Magic and Muggle worlds are colliding. Dumbledore is dead. The Ministry is inches away from collapsing. Harry Potter has a mission that was left for him by Dumbledore. Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour are about to get married.
Q Bond, né Holmes, is the quartermaster for the Order of the Phoenix.
Sequel to Docendo Discimus, and Alea Iacta Est.
author:Jen(ConsultingWriters)  crossover  fandom:Bond.Skyfall  fandom:Harry.Potter  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  pairing:James.Bond/Q  pairing:Sherlock.Holmes/John.Watson  pairing:Harry.Potter/Draco.Malfoy  pairing:Remus.Lupin/Nymphadora.Tonks  pairing:Arthur.Weasley/Molly.Prewett  pairing:Bill.Weasley/Fleur.Delacour  pairing:Irene.Adler/Molly.Hooper  fanfic  on.A03  series:Magic  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
7 weeks ago by willowanne
Conquering the Colonies
Aaron Hotchner decided to take a position in America as the Unit Chief of the FBI's elite BAU. His background in SIS, then Interpol gave him more than enough insight into the human psyche. It won't be easy at first, the former British Spy has to adjust to several things at once, like running a new team, living in the US once again, raising a son, and trying not to fall for the BAU's genius agent, Dr. Spencer Reid. Aaron is successful in three of those things, but the fourth will be harder than he knew.
author:Rivermoon1970  crossover  fandom:Criminal.Minds  fandom:NCIS  fandom:Bond.Skyfall  pairing:Aaron.Hotchner/Spencer.Reid  pairing:Tony.DiNozzo/Alec.Trevelyan  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
11 weeks ago by willowanne
The World Undone
Anakin Skywalker, proud symbol of the strength and purity of the Jedi Order, is the target of a strange and handsome Sith named Obi-Wan, whose only goal seems to be pulling Skywalker down into the dark with him.
author:lilyconrad  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace  pairing:Anakin.Skywalker/Obi-Wan.Kenobi  AU:dark  dark:Obi-Wan  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
september 2018 by willowanne
Son of the Empire
The Sith and the Jedi have been at odds for millennia. In the face of a mutual threat, can they set aside their differences and work together?
author:MrsHamill  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace  pairing:Obi-Wan.Kenobi/Qui-Gon.Jinn  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
september 2018 by willowanne
Shadows of the Future
Obi-Wan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young boy. As events begin to unfold, can he stop the future he knows from occurring? Can he save the Jedi, save the Galaxy, and perhaps most important of all: can he prevent Anakin's fall?
author:stormqueen873  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Revenge.of.the.Sith  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace  gen  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.fanfiction.net  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
september 2018 by willowanne
Magic Provides
Draco Malfoy grew up in the Wizarding World, he trusts in magic more than he ever should. He knew the line that magic provided to those who were in need. He just never thought that when he was promised something for betraying his father by Magic herself, it would be this. The world was still reeling from the catastrophic war that had just ended. Would it survive the knowledge that Draco was promised not only one Soulmate but two? Would Draco survive a relationship with two-thirds of the Golden Trio: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger?
author:DarkJediQueen  crossover  fandom:Harry.Potter  fandom:Criminal.Minds  pairing:Harry.Potter/Draco.Malfoy/Hermione.Granger  AU:soulmate  fanfic  on.A03  series:Magic.Darkness.and.Love  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
september 2018 by willowanne
Complementarity, Entanglement and the Uncertainty of Destiny —or— A Feminist Mage in King Arthur's Court
Merlin was once told that Arthur would rise again at the hour of Camelot's greatest need. But a thousand years pass, with no Arthur. When the last war comes, and the world dies, and Arthur still doesn't return, Merlin suddenly realises that the hour of Camelot's greatest need… was a thousand years ago. Sometimes he's a bit slow on the uptake. Fortunately, he's figured out how to go back. What would YOU do if you had 2000 years of experience in the body of a 17 year old, and absolutely nothing left to lose?
author:Jenrose  author:procoffeinating  fandom:Merlin(BBC)  pairing:Merlin.Emrys/Arthur.Pendragon  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
july 2018 by willowanne
Twisted Fate
When ten year old Daniel Jackson touches something he shouldn't he ends up stranded in an alternate reality - and nothing is as it used to be.
author:Annejackdanny  pairing:Jack.O'Neill/Daniel.Jackson  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:SG-1 
may 2018 by willowanne
Saving Destiny
Their roles may be reversed, but destiny remains unchanged. Now that destiny is being threatened by an old-time foe, it is up to Arthur and Merlin to set things back in order.
author:WickedlyAwesomeMe  fandom:Merlin(BBC)  pairing:Merlin.Emrys/Arthur.Pendragon  AU:always.a.girl  girl:Merlin.Emrys  AU:reincarnation  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
december 2017 by willowanne
Between what was and what will be stands, James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning.
author:distractedKat  fandom:Star.Trek(AOS)  pairing:James.Kirk/Spock  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
september 2017 by willowanne
Raised by Darkness
After years of abuse by his uncle, a seven year old Harry Potter is rescued from the Dursleys by a Dementor who senses his pain, Raised in Azkaban with a strange but caring family and new powers how will Harry react to the revelation he is famous, a wizard and has the power to speak to Dementors.
author:apple2011  fandom:Harry.Potter  gen  AU  subject:manipulative.Dumbledore  subject:Weasley.bashing  subject:caring.Dementors  fanfic  on.fanfiction.net  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
july 2017 by willowanne
No Song I Could Sing
When Kurt went to live with Danny and Steve, it changed his life forever, and changed him a little bit, too. By the time Thanksgiving begins to draw closer, Kurt isn't sure anymore whether to be happy or scared to go back Ohio, but he is going to go back. He figures he owes everyone that much, especially himself.
author:saddle_tramp  crossover  fandom:H50  fandom:Glee  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams  pairing:Kurt.Hummel/Noah.Puckerman  pairing:Burt.Hummel/Carole.Hudson-Hummel  fanfic  on.A03  series:Walking.Away  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
june 2017 by willowanne
Getting it Right
This time he would not let Thorin fall to madness.
This time he would not let them die.
This time he knew he could handle it.
This time he would not tolerate the wizard's carelessness.
This time he would claim what was his.
Bilbo Baggins was definitely not the hobbit Gandalf expected to find.
author:lindajenner  fandom:Hobbit  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  pairing:Kíli/Tauriel  pairing:Dwalin/Ori  pairing:Gimli/Legolas  AU:timetravel  subject:mpreg  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
june 2017 by willowanne
Say a Prayer
During the summer between first and second year, Harry does something that has unexpected consequences, for himself and for the wizarding world.
author:mad_fairy  crossover  fandom:Harry.Potter  gen  fanfic  on.A03  series:Mischief's.Heir  length:100000-150000  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
february 2017 by willowanne
The Redemption of Severus Snape - - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
What if Severus was one of Harry's godfathers? What if he took Harry before the Dursleys found him on their doorstep? What if the goblins were amazing and up for a Horcrux hunt? What if they could also remove the curse of the dark mark? What would Harry and his Daddy's lives be like in safety with great friends and a safe place to grow up in? And none of that 'greater good' nonsense.
author:CynthiaK2014  fandom:Harry.Potter  gen  AU  fanfic  on.A03  series:Magic's.Reawakening  length:100000-150000  Downloaded 
december 2016 by willowanne

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