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shati | New vid: Radioactive (Dragon Age: Inquisition), VVC premieres
Source: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Song: Radioactive (Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar)
Content notes: lots of flashy video game lights; persistent gore; no elcor; surprisingly few dragons; ironically, spiders

Summary: Welcome to the new age.
fandom:dragon.age  vid  length:1-5min  location:dw  creator:shati 
june 2018 by concinnity
Vid: Bulletproof Thief [the carnival of you and me]
From the creator:
Title: Bulletproof Thief
Song: Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance
Fandom: Leverage
Character/Pairing: Parker/Hardison
Length: 2:18
Acknowledgements: A million thanks to my partner for beta. This is for morebliss, for her donation to help_nz. I hope you like it! <3 <3 <3
Footage: to end of season 3
fandom:leverage  awesome.ladies.awesoming  creator:china_shop  length:1-5min  location:dw  published:2011  vid  via:thingswithwings 
april 2015 by concinnity
[Vid] Freedom Ride: A.K.A. Steve Rogers, Fandom Bicycle 2k15
From the creator:
Summary:A Steve/Everybody fanvid set to Ke$ha's 'Gold Trans Am'. Because reasons. Many reasons.

My notes: LOLOL PERF
fandom:marvel  gsf  creator:sallysparrow17  length:1-5min  location:ao3  location:youtube  humor  published:2015  vid 
january 2015 by concinnity
too peculiar for love
From the creator:
ummmm I made another Leverage OT3 vid? If you missed it, I made Parachute last week, and it's a big fast spinning romping all-encompassing OT3 vid; this one is a lot quieter, and gentler, and more delicate. I wanted to just look at their faces for a minute and a half, so. I did. Now you can too.

My notes: MY HEART
fandom:leverage  parker/eliot/hardison  creator:thingswithwings  length:1-5min  location:dw  warning:alittlesad  published:2014  vid 
january 2015 by concinnity
Heavy in the Back End
From the creator:
Summary: Dedicated to Sidney Crosby's butt. We are all Tina Belcher.
fandom:hockey  vid  creator:sleepy.mang  length:1-5min  location:ao3  location:youtube  published:2014 
december 2014 by concinnity
Vid: Hey, Stefan, Klaus Called by rumpleghos {The Vampire Diaries - Klaus/Stefan}
From the creator:
Song: "Stephen", by Ke$ha.
Spoilers up to 3x05; warnings for blood and violence and general Klaus-ness.

My notes: most inspired song choice ever.
fandom:the.vampire.diaries  stefan/klaus  creator:rumpleghost  length:1-5min  location:lj  location:vimeo  published:2011  via:silviakundera 
november 2014 by concinnity
Telephone on Vimeo
song: “Telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce
fandom: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Marvel Cinematic Universe
length: 3:40
password: busy
fandom:marvel  gen  creator:andrew  length:1-5min  vid  awesome.ladies.awesoming 
october 2014 by concinnity
From the creator:
Summary: Tony Stark; progressive and kickass or heartless and godless? Transhumanism and synthetic life; Tech!porn and Tony feels ahoy (with special guest Dum-E).

This is, basically, a tale about Tony Stark told through his relationship with technology, his AIs and his own cyborg-ness. From creation to creator.

[Machine | Regina Spektor]
via:pearwaldorf  fandom:marvel  gen  creator:yunuen  length:1-5min  location:ao3  location:youtube  published:2012  vid 
september 2014 by concinnity
Ian/Mickey - Happily - YouTube
Hahahahaha there's a Shameless US Ian/Mickey vid set to 1D's Happily
fandom:shameless  mickey/ian  location:youtube  length:1-5min  vid  via:greedy_dancer 
june 2014 by concinnity
Va Va Voom
From the creator:
Summary: She's the living room's main attraction.
fandom:i.love.lucy  vid  creator:jetpack-monkey  location:dw  length:1-5min  vividcon 
august 2013 by concinnity
Sound the Bells
From the creator:
Notes: Made with cam footage; yet another Dessa vid*; constructed mainly of Stacker and Mako feelings and Idris Elba hero porn.

The sun rose from the west today.
fandom:pacific.rim  gen  creator:chalia  length:1-5min  location:dw  vid  via:were_duck 
august 2013 by concinnity
Merlin | Trailer (inspired by Man of Steel) - YouTube
From the creator:
Published on Jun 9, 2013
A new video, finally! I saw the third trailer for Man of Steel at the cinema and couldn't get the thought out of doing a Merlin trailer in the same style out of my head and this video was born.

Plot: Follows the plot of the show with a focus solely on Merlin's destiny and how it is tied with Arthur's. Morgana and Mordred are the two main antagonists.
All information can be found at the end of the video.
As always, you can find this video on Tumblr (at http://summcohen.tumblr.com/post/5256...) if you wish to reblog it.


My notes: as always, fanon > canon. This is a show I would watch.
fandom:merlin  vid  creator:emma.m  length:1-5min  location:youtube 
june 2013 by concinnity
This Night
From the creator:
Genre: gen, AU, angst, drama, reveal!vid

My notes: ...perfectly in line with the BBC characterizations, imo. So slightly overwrought and "gen." I still liked it, though. The moody music won me over, and there are a nice cuts. Er, coming out magically.
fandom:merlin  gen  creator:chayiana  length:1-5min  location:lj  comingout  via:epaulettes 
june 2013 by concinnity
chaila | Vid: Keep the Streets Empty For Me [Twilight]
From the creator:
"Morning, keep the streets empty for me." Hunter and prey in Twilight.

My notes: a look at how the story could have been told. Very moving.
fandom:twilight  gen  bella/edward  creator:chaila  length:1-5min  location:dw  vid  feminism 
may 2013 by concinnity
LeATHERMOUTH - Sunsets Are For Muggings - YouTube
Right close up vid of Sunsets are for Muggings at Skate and Surf 2013.
baaandom  leathermouth  band.vids  location:youtube  length:1-5min 
may 2013 by concinnity
"With Blood"
From the creator:
"All Shepards choose to save you."

fandom:mass.effect  gen  creator:beccatoria  length:1-5min  location:dw  meta  via:gorgeousnerd  vid 
may 2013 by concinnity

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