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in this scheme (you only want to escape)
If Franklin can't cut it as a butcher, he'll be a lawyer, his mom decides. Foggy thinks things will start looking up at that point.

Boy, was he ever wrong.
Author:themikeymonster  Daredevil  Slash  fanfic  Matt/Foggy  Hurt/Comfort  NonCon  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Mob  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Violence  Murder  Dark!Matt  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Something Dumb to Do
If Matt and Foggy get married, Foggy will never be forced to testify against Daredevil. It doesn't mean anything has to change, right?
Author:poisonivory  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  Length:20.000-50.000  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Angst  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Bottom!Matt  Marriage  MarriageOfConvenience  Kidnapping  MultiChapter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
You should see the other guy
If Foggy Nelson was to be honest with himself, despite all the super heroes running around for years now, he never really thought that he would become best friend with a masked vigilante when he came back to New York, his Harvard Law diploma still fresh from the press.
Author:GreenQueenofClubs  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  Length:20.000-50.000  Slash  fanfic  Angst  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  AlternateUniverse-DifferentFirstMeeting  Bottom!Matt  Kidnapping  MultiChapter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
The Road Less Traveled
Stiles doesn't want to die in a basement. No one is going to die in the Argent's basement, not if he can help it.
Author:gryvon  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  BAMF!Stiles  Magical!Stiles  Pining  PackBonding  PackFeels  Friendship  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Infinite Space
Stiles needs Peter's expertise to help stop the latest threat to Beacon Hills.
And, as the pack falls apart around him, he might even need Peter for more than that.
Author:DiscontentedWinter  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  ScottIsABadFriend  Bottom!Stiles  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Silver Only Shines in the Moonlight (And I Rise With My Red Hair)
Stiles died alone.

He didn’t honestly know what he had been expecting; he had made it a habit to hang out with (and occasionally fight) bloodthirsty supernatural creatures of the night, and that had become a more frequent occurrence after all of that Darach business a while back. As the warmth of his blood seeped steadily through his fingers and onto the cold, filthy floor, he realized that no one was coming, that no one would be there in time.
Stiles couldn’t help the single whimper of utter helplessness.
Stiles becomes a member of the rapidly growing Beacon Hills supernatural population, to his own disgust, and along the way he finds out a thing or two about himself and the people he cares about most.
Author:yourguardianangel  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Angst  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Vampire!Stiles  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
october 2016 by Ambrosine8
It's A Matter of Holding On
Derek’s scared. The anxiety is wedged firmly underneath his sternum, a quick thump of thud thud thud he can’t tamp down no matter how hard he tries. Cora is never late. She’s never late, it’s just fact; it’s fact, and while Derek is pretty sure that once in a while, people with normal, healthy relationships with their brothers and sisters are late or forget or, or, whatever, this is not one of those times.
Author:hayesgeneration  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Magical!Stiles  Kidnapping  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
october 2016 by Ambrosine8
drowning in the sea of you
Beacon Hills was perfect for Stiles growing up, but now, with werewolves, hunters, and an anxious best friend running around, it's turning into a place too chaotic for an empath like Stiles to handle alone. And pain killers can only go so far.
Author:Corpium  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Empathy  Empath!Stiles  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Violence  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
august 2016 by Ambrosine8
Phil and the [Redacted]
The smile dropped off Coulson's face.
"That's another thing," he told them, deadly serious. "Just let me take care of the protocol. We don’t have time to go over this properly so you two follow my lead. If I do something, you do it too. If I don’t, you don’t. I mean it: no deviations."
Skye gets the bottom bunk, Trip has a clown pillow, and Coulson's getting weird about hotdish. And then there's the bear.
Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen, we dare not go a-hunting, because you never know what will follow the Director home.
Author:Kathar  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Relationship:Developing  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  PTSD  Reunion  GettingBackTogether  ProjectT.A.H.I.T.I.  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
june 2016 by Ambrosine8
The Lone Wolf Series
Derek needs Stiles’ help. Again. But what’s with all the sniffing?
Author:Spikedluv  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Relationship:FirstTime  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
june 2016 by Ambrosine8
Practice Makes Perfect
In his sophomore year, Stiles gets dragged to lacrosse tryouts by Scott and ends up practising alongside the senior captain, Derek Hale. Stiles just wants to live long enough to become a junior.
Author:blacktofade  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Relationship:Established  AlternateUniverse-Human  AlternateUniverse-Highschool  Long-DistanceRelationship  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
may 2016 by Ambrosine8
Penny and Dime
After the loss of his last surviving family member and his alpha, Derek Hale goes on a quest for vengeance, systematically destroying every Argent hunter who had anything to do with her death, or the death of the rest of his family 15 years ago. The Hunters want him dead, the sheriff's department wants him brought to justice, Beacon Hills' resident superhero vigilante the True Alpha wants him stopped, and only Stiles Stilinski, Private Investigator, is interested in the reasons behind Derek's murderous rampage.

A Punisher AU.
Author:Lissadiane  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Drama  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Crossover/Fusion-ThePunisher  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
april 2016 by Ambrosine8
Smoke and Ashes
Scandals were popular in Beacon Hills. The town was small enough that everybody knew something about everybody, and big enough that there were always plenty of stories.

Only the big things stuck in the greedy gossip mongrels’ minds, though. Like, the kid who smashed his car into the forever dented “Welcome to Beacon Hills” sign, or the fire that killed most of the Hale pack, or the banshee who went crazy in her weird horror-story, science-lab lake house.

Or Stiles.
Author:InTheArmsofaThief  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-WerewolvesAreKnown  Magical!Stiles  MonsterOfTheWeek  Gossip  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
march 2016 by Ambrosine8
Night Owls Early Birds
Confession: Stiles is afraid of having magic.

The Spark had been cool. It had been small, manageable. He could do some funky stuff with Mountain Ash, all with the power of belief.

And now here he is, his Spark blown wide open, apparently coming down with a fatal case of magical overload, and all that stands between him and bleeding out is a grumpy owl that looks suspiciously like a feathered version of Derek Hale.

(In which Stiles learns he's a witch, but instead of a wand and a trip to Diagon Alley, he gets blood magic, a grumpy and reluctant owl as his companion, and an accidental blood bond with Derek Hale.)
Author:Lissadiane  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Magical!Stiles  AccidentalBonding  BloodMagic  Torture  Gore  Familiars  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
january 2016 by Ambrosine8
Stiles felt like a tube of toothpaste someone kept rolling up every day. He tossed and turned through nightmares and woke up puking every morning. He slept through lunch, and still wanted to nap when he went home. He was scatterbrained and couldn’t focus on anything; his notes were a scrambled mess.
Author:TatsuKitty  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Torture  Depression  BodyHorror  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
january 2016 by Ambrosine8
i looked at you and saw forever
Prompt(s): [Stiles x Allison] + [Soulmates AU]

When she walks into the classroom and catches his eye, it’s like all the puzzle pieces in the world clicking into place. Like finding something essential to their survival that neither of them ever realized was missing to begin with. Like coming up for air and finally being able to breathe unrestricted.
Author:cywscross  TeenWolf  Het  fanfic  Stiles/Allison  Romance  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Soulmates  Telepathy  Empathy  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
november 2015 by Ambrosine8
Heat Etiquette for the Modern Omega
“You are not defined by your sex, Stiles. And neither am I.”

In which Stiles accidentally propositions an alpha with his jockstrap, heat happens, and he somehow finds time to fight for omega rights along the way.
Author:DizzilySpiraling  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Omega!Stiles  Knotting  MatingCycles/InHeat  SelfLubrication  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-Human  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
august 2015 by Ambrosine8
Morning Light
After two years as a deputy for the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, not to mention a lifetime of being the kid of an officer of the law, Stiles had seen some things in his time. Some weird shit happened in Beacon Hills, really. However, no amount of animals mauled in the woods, people going missing, psychotic teenagers going on killing sprees with their trained pet mountain lions (or so the official report stated; Stiles didn’t trust his dad’s account of that night back when he was in high school) could prepare Stiles for the sheer ‘what the hell?!’-ness of waking up at six in the morning for his shift, pouring himself a cup of coffee, and then noticing that outside the back window there was a little girl playing in his flower beds.
Author:heartsdesire456  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Drama  Relationship:FirstTime  Kid!fic  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
august 2015 by Ambrosine8
And It Burns, The Ring of Fire
Derek, at first, only had eyes for his sister, checking her over, ignoring her reassurances that she was never even near the flames. Then his eyes caught sight of Stiles and every heavily built muscle in his body froze, almost like someone pressed the pause button. Laura and Erica looked between the two men, confused by the sudden stillness in the air.

“Stiles,” Derek bit out, a polite but curt greeting.

“You two know each other?” Laura asked.
Author:InTheArmsofaThief  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Angst  Relationship:Developing  AlternateUniverse-LawEnforcement  AlternateUniverse-Human  Arson  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
july 2015 by Ambrosine8
I Intend to be Independently Blue
Stiles is the worst thing that could have happened to Derek. He hasn't been wolfing out at inopportune moments since his teens, but only because he has a system in place. And this is where Stiles comes into play. Because he's been messing with this system, and doesn't even know. Also, there's a wendigo.
Author:Loz  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Humor  Romance  Friendship  Relationship:FirstTime  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
july 2015 by Ambrosine8

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