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The children you thought you had lost - amorremanet - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Someone, at some point, really should've written a book about navigating this kind of situation. So You Got Your Boyfriend Pregnant: Now What? or, Coping With An Unplanned Male Pregnancy For Trans* Dummies And Their Partners, or something like that. But since no one has, Dean and Cas just have to figure this out on their own.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2013  len:30001-50000  [PG13]  amor_remanet  transgender  Castiel:FTM  pregnancy  au  au-contemporary 
may 2013 by dossier1013
bluetoastfics: Masterpost: The Mockingbird and the Oriole
Summary:Castiel fully expected to die when he went into that warehouse in Van Nuys. He was ready to die. What he didn't expect was to land in the home of a Dean Winchester who had no idea who he was, who had never been to Hell, who wasn't a Winchester - and had never heard a single sound in his entire life. All that considered, the fact that this Dean had a seven year old daughter was hardly surprising at all. Oddly enough, the kid might be the LEAST of the surprises waiting for him in this other reality he now found himself in.
spn  Dean:deaf  au  au-alt-canon  [PG13]  len:30001-50000  yr:2012  darth_firefly  season_5  spn:ep:PointofNoReturn  challenge:deancasbigbang  disabilityfic 
november 2012 by dossier1013
In the Clutches of This Darkness - Chapter 1 - enigmaticblue - Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
Rodney should have known something was wrong after four weeks without a word from John. When Rodney gets John back, it's only to realize that things are irrevocably different, but he'll do his best to put the pieces back together again.
sga  mckay/sheppard  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  enigmaticblue  kidfic-other  clone  torture  on-earth  on-atlantis 
august 2012 by dossier1013
New Promise In This Night - Chapter 1 - sullymygoodname - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
There's a reason they tell the story of their very first meeting, rather than how they truly met. This is the story of how they saved each other. (The promised prequel to New Heaven Over a Brand New Sky, AKA the one where Castiel is an ex-Army surgeon and Dean is training to be a paramedic. I recommend reading that one first.)

alt link http://sullymygoodname.livejournal.com/4306.html
spn  dean/castiel  au  sullymygoodname  len:30001-50000  [R]  yr:2012 
august 2012 by dossier1013
Don't Ever Look Back - Chapter 1 - Misachan - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Another day, another town; when their bounty hunter father enrolls he and Sam in yet another school Dean thinks this will just be another town he'll forget five minutes after he leaves it. Things get more interesting when Sam befriends a classmate of Dean's and the lonely boy with the strange name and stranger family slowly gets under Dean's skin. Their new friendship gets complicated when it becomes clear that Castiel's brothers aren't just strange, they're dangerous, and the secrets they keep and the sins they bury have a lot to do with Dean. It would all be bad enough even without Dean starting to worry that maybe friendship isn't all he wants
spn  teenchesters  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  misachan  au  au-highschool  challenge:deancasbigbang 
august 2012 by dossier1013
prosopopeya: MASTER: Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes
Summary: Dean is a grad student studying for his MA in Spanish literature, and he’s pretty content with his sexuality as it is -- that is, fairly undefined and also secret. His attraction to Castiel, a professor to the undergrads, doesn't seem like a big deal until it becomes a very big deal, and Dean scrambles to keep his head above water.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  prosopopeya  au  au-college  challenge:spn_j2_bigbang 
august 2012 by dossier1013
rockstarpeach: Big Bang 2012: Road, You Gotta Take Me Home (Dean/Cas, R)
Summary: After his ex-girlfriend is killed in a car accident, Dean gains custody of her fourteen year old son. They know it’s going to be difficult, with the stress of grief and unfamiliar living conditions weighing on them, but neither of them is ready for just how difficult it really is, trying to feel out where they belong in the confusion and aftermath of such a great loss. They deal with it though. They’re family. What other choice do they have?
A family drama, featuring Dean as a new single father, Ben as a ninth grader with trouble coping, Sam as the voice of reason and the rock that holds Dean up and Cas as the sympathetic police officer who repeatedly busts Ben for petty crimes.
spn  rockstarpeach  dean/castiel  challenge:spn_j2_bigbang  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  [PG13]  au  au-alt-canon 
june 2012 by dossier1013
dc_everafter: FIC: A Trench Coat's Tale (Masterpost)
Summary: Dean and Sam investigate a series of murders in Surprise, Arizona, when Castiel's ghost starts following them around. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad - except only Dean can see him, and the angel's completely oblivious to who he is and what he's done. When he regains his memory, he teaches Dean a thing or two about the meaning of friendship and the consequences of Free Will.
spn  skimmed  dean/castiel  len:30001-50000  [PG13]  season_7  ladyofthesilent  trueromances 
march 2012 by dossier1013
aleo_70: Fic: Numb3rs/Supernatural - Unexplained
Summary: Thirteen grisly murders. When Don stumbles on the scene of the final murder he fears he is about to become the fourteenth victim. Crossover with Supernatural from a Numb3rs POV.
Numb3ers  spn  gen  crossover  yr:2009  len:30001-50000  [PG13]  aleo_70 
march 2012 by dossier1013
queengeekkeri: Razor Wire Shrine - Master Post
Summary: The year is 2014 and the Colt works. Dean kills the Devil but Cas refuses to let that be the end for Dean. Cas tries to make Dean see that he still has so much to live for and finds out that he has more to live for as well now that the apocalypse is over and humanity has a second chance.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  queengeekkeri  au  au-alt-canon  season_5  spn:ep:TheEnd  croat-verse  challenge:dc_dystopia 
february 2012 by dossier1013
earlgreytea68: Scotch (1/1)
Mycroft cleans up after Sherlock's death in Reichenbach. Lovely character study of Mycroft and his relationship with Sherlock
sherlock  lestrade/m.holmes  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  [PG13]  shbbc:ep:ReichenbachFall 
february 2012 by dossier1013
spaghettitoes : Deo Volente
Summary: Dean and Castiel are monks, ordained as priests and serving a quiet little village not far from the border with New Mexico. The two are getting to know each other when the paranormal intervenes and causes them to rethink a few things.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  spaghettitoes  au  au-contemporary  Dean:priest  Castiel:priest 
february 2012 by dossier1013
Supernatural: Reap The Wild Wind
Characters: Dean, Sam, the usual suspects.
Au, Future-fic (sorta), Wingfic (sorta), Deathfic (sorta). All Audiences.

spn  gen  yr:2006  len:30001-50000  maygra  season_3  podfic  issaro 
january 2012 by dossier1013
drvsilla: Gathered Up || Source Post
The first time Jensen Ackles had been determined to quit the sport and walk away from bullriding, life had presented him with Jared Padalecki.
The second time he'd tried, life had just gone wrong. So he'd gotten smart and quit, inside-out, figured whoever kept score of these things wouldn't be the wiser.

Which just doesn't fair explain how he'd been roped into taking a team to Dallas--complete with cranky riders, job politics, family obligations,
and all with Jared at his side--to compete in an inaugural event the PBR brass are certain he'll win.

podfic: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/category/seriespbr-professional-bull-riding
rpf  jared/jensen  yr:2010  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  drvsilla  sports  bullriding  podfic  chemm80  series:PBR 
january 2012 by dossier1013
drvsilla: Seeing Daylight || Source Post
Jensen Ackles retired from bullriding with everything he'd set his mind to, somehow managed to get even more along the way; he won the buckle, the million, and Jared Padalecki's heart. Now he's ready to get started on something more, something better with even bigger dreams, figures them to be right within his reach.

So why is he putting everything at risk and leaving it all behind to start over again?

podfic: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/category/seriespbr-professional-bull-riding
rpf  jared/jensen  yr:2009  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  drvsilla  sports  bullriding  podfic  chemm80  series:PBR 
january 2012 by dossier1013
mickeym: Master Post: This Course We Plotted, Jared/Jensen, NC-17
Summary: Jared Padalecki has a life he loves: friends, family, a good job and plans to make it as a writer someday. All that is shaken up when he meets Detective Jensen Ackles one night, while working an overtime shift. Jensen is smart, interesting, fun to hang out with, and Jared's drawn in like a moth to a flame. They go from friends to lovers, to something even Jared didn't know he was looking for: partners. But Jensen's never done relationships, and he's not sure he can now. Will he realize his job is just a job, but Jared is his everything?

podfic: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/category/seriesthis-course-we-plotted
rpf  jared/jensen  yr:2009  len:30001-50000  [PG]  mickeym  Jared:writer  Jensen:cop  podfic  exmanhater 
january 2012 by dossier1013
pianoforeplay: Goodbye May Seem Forever - Master Post
Jared and Jensen have been best friends since second grade, together weathering school work, girls, puberty and their burgeoning sexual identities all under the radar of Jensen's disapproving parents. They swear they'll be friends forever. But forever is a long, long time and time has a way of changing things.

rpf  jared/jensen  yr:2010  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  pianoforeplay  kidfic-them  podfic  applegeuse 
january 2012 by dossier1013
proxydialogue: The Winchester Revision....
Summary: A recently de-deified Chuck, dying in Italy, decides to revise the story of Sam and Dean and Cas to give it the fairytale ending it deserves as a last hurrah before he goes. In a world with no monsters Dean Winchester goes to the University of Delaware for physics and engineering where a terrible twist of fate lands him in a Feminism and Literature class for one of his general electives. It is taught by a dark haired, blue-eyed professor named Castiel. Sam, meanwhile, is a boy genius who gets into college at sixteen and really is going to be a lawyer this time as soon as he finishes his English degree at UDel and gets into Stanford. But the more Chuck writes, the more he discovers about himself, his characters and the friends he will never see again; because some stories must be told.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2011  len:30001-50000  proxydialogue  au  au-college  challenge:deancasbigbang 
december 2011 by dossier1013
nanoochka: Fic Masterpost: "In the Weeds" [Dean/Cas, AU - NC-17] - written for deancasbigbang
SUMMARY: “Dean knew, from the minute he laid eyes on Chef Castiel MacCarthy, the day would come that he would have to kidnap the man and dump the body in the darkest, dirtiest crack den in Ireland. Given that this was Dublin city, it wouldn’t be hard to find.”
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2011  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  nanoochka  au  au-restaurant  Castiel:chef  challenge:deancasbigbang 
december 2011 by dossier1013

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