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One whose name was writ in shadows - Filigranka - Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny [Archive of Our Own]
An exercise in using somewhat lurid romance novel prose to describe an existential - almost - crisis. Almost.
Amber  Corwin/OFC  yr:2013  len:1001-5000  [PG]  filigranka  challenge:yuletide 
march 2014 by dossier1013
spatz: Date Night
“Mr. Reese, what is that sound?”

“I’m making popcorn,” John said, like it was obvious.
POI  gen  yr:2013  len:1001-5000  [G]  season_2 
march 2013 by dossier1013
amplificathon: You Could Be Paying For This Yourself
Gabriel introduces his boyfriend (Sam) to his ex-boyfriend (Mayhem from the Allstate commercials). Hilarity ensues. Gabe is amused. Sam is not. And Dean might have to kill this guy if he doesn't get away from Dean's car.
spn  sam/gabriel  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [R]  wallmakerrelict  podfic  eridanie 
october 2012 by dossier1013
littlehollyleaf: fic: Epilogue [SPN, Dean/Cas, Team Free Will]
Summary: Closing the gates to Hell also means closing the gates to Heaven. Which means Castiel must choose, will he live on Earth or in Heaven? When the final spell to complete the ritual goes off without a hitch, Dean must come to terms with Cas’ decision…
spn  dean/castiel  gen  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG]  littlehollyleaf  season_7 
september 2012 by dossier1013
kalliel: Fic: Lettered - Dean/Castiel; 7x23 tag!fic, superreal horror
Genre: superreal horror; requisite hurt/comfort of randomness,
Warnings: Metaphysical weirdness. Irresolution. Inadvisable cuisine. SPOILERS 7x23.
Summary: All God's stories leave you with a sense of unpleasant eternity. Castiel watches as Dean comes unwritten.
toberead  spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG13]  kalliel  season_7 
july 2012 by dossier1013
Note: this is the spiritual companion to If These Shadows Have Offended, and as such, it contains trace amounts of Dean/Sam and Dean/Cas/Sam in addition to the Dean/Cas.
toberead  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  serrico 
july 2012 by dossier1013
dotfic: SPN fic: Reaching for the spark
Summary: Dean and Castiel take shelter from no ordinary storm.
toberead  spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  dotfic  season_7 
july 2012 by dossier1013
annundriel: SPN Fic: Sand in Your Pockets and Nothing on Your Mind, Dean/Castiel, NC-17
Castiel's always liked the sea. It appeals to his writer's mind. But he likes it even better when it yields him Dean Winchester like a golden god from the waves. Sea-salt tastes good on him. A sequel to The Summer Holds a Song (We Might Sing Forever), but can be read on its own.
toberead  spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [NC17]  annundriel  obstinatrix 
july 2012 by dossier1013
five glimpses through the looking glass - Sholio - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Timestamp/sequel to "Worldwalking": five more looks at those alternate Neals after our Neal touched their lives.
WhiteCollar  sholio  au  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG13] 
june 2012 by dossier1013
yellow_pomelo: Fic: More Than One Drop
Summary: The shower is a good place for deep thought. The only place better is in the rain, standing over two dead bodies.
toberead  spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG13]  yellow_pomelo 
june 2012 by dossier1013
saeng: No fucking emoticons.
Dean's correspondence with the demon Meg while Castiel is in her care. Pretty Gen, but it can be interpreted freely.
spn  gen  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG13]  spn:ep:PartyOnGarth 
april 2012 by dossier1013
teaparty_fic: FIC: Caller ID (NC-17) SPN
Dean gets a really ill-timed phone call that turns out not so ill-timed after all.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [NC17]  hatteress  season_5  au-alt-canon  toberead 
april 2012 by dossier1013
eretria | New Fic: Dip Your Toes In The Water (Lewis)
Summary: "You want me to take my shoes off." Hathaway enunciated the sentence a lot more clearly than would have been strictly necessary.
Lewis rolled his eyes. "I'm not asking you for a striptease, Sergeant."

podfic: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15067469/Dip%20your%20toes%20in%20the%20water.mp3
InspectorLewis  gen  year:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG]  eretria  season_4  podfic 
april 2012 by dossier1013
dehavilland: Fic: Love Alone
Summary: Castiel has found comfort in Dean's presence, but there are loose ends that need to be tied up. Namely a certain other angel.
spn  dean/castiel  castiel/balthazar  dehavilland  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [PG] 
march 2012 by dossier1013
- SPN Fic: 'Your Biggest Fan' - Castiel/Dean
series Summary: Castiel and Dean have the most emo first date ever, as Dean tells Castiel a little more about what he's been through the past few years.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:1001-5000  [NC17]  sarkywoman 
march 2012 by dossier1013

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