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infatuated_ink: Supernatural: The Crumbling Difference (Between Wrong and Right) [Part 1/2]
Summary: AU after 5x22: Tired of seeing Dean trying to live without his brother, Castiel decides to do what he can to bring Sam back. Raising Sam creates a bond between the three of them that follows Castiel to Heaven, linking him to Sam and Dean whether he wants to feel them or not. The Winchester brothers decide to settle down and rebuild a haunted house, making sure that Castiel knows he has a home there if he wants it. But while Castiel wants nothing more than to fall again and join them, his duty keeps him in Heaven, fighting a civil war for a place he no longer feels at home in.
spn  dean/castiel/sam  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  cherie_morte  au-alt-canon  spn:ep:SwanSong 
december 2012 by dossier1013
scaramouche: Fic | Supernatural | A Crash Course in Someone Else's History
Summary: Castiel is captured inside a trapping circle of holy oil set by Dean and Sam Winchester. The brothers call him "Cas", claiming that he has amnesia and that he is obligated to help them take down Crowley to atone for his betrayal of them. It's the strangest story Castiel's ever heard, and one he doesn't have time for because he's only just raised Dean from Hell and has work to get back to.
spn  scaramouche  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [PG13]  amnesia  angelexmachina  challenge:deancasbigbang  Castiel:amnesia 
november 2012 by dossier1013
bubblegumhunny: Bright Lights Will Find Dark Spaces (Masterpost)
Summary: Thirteen months ago, Castiel got a call that shattered his world. It was a police officer informing him that his family, his beloved husband and child, had been caught in a tragic car accident. They were hit by a drunk driver. Neither of them made it through the night, dying in the hospital from blood loss during surgery.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [PG13]  bubblegumhunny  challenge:deancasbigbang  au  au-contemporary 
october 2012 by dossier1013
on the radio - busaikko - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
He's always had a realistic sense for the odds of being badly, even fatally, wounded. He has always told himself that he will be able to survive anything. But in his head he's freaking out so bad.
sga  busaikko  mckay/sheppard  mckay/teyla  mckay/sheppard/ronon/teyla  mckay/ronon  yr:2011  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  disabilityfic  John:disability  amputation  John:amputee  offworld  sga:ep:EnemyAtTheGate  post-canon  shipwrecked  stranded 
october 2012 by dossier1013
scaramouche: Fic | Supernatural | So Glad We Made It
Summary: At twelve years old Dean makes a friend, who becomes his best friend, who will eventually become the love of his life.

alt link http://archiveofourown.org/works/508642
spn  dean/castiel  scaramouche  au  au-contemporary  teenchesters  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [R] 
september 2012 by dossier1013
princess_aleera: Angel Care Masterpost
Summary: Balthazar has had Castiel since he was sixteen - years before he met and eventually married Gabriel. And as happy as Gabriel is with his husband and pet, he'd like an angel for himself; someone to have that special bond with, someone Castiel can get along with. He doesn't expect to end up with a mated angel pair; especially not a pair with a past so obscure and haunted. But somehow, it's perfect anyway.
spn  dean/castiel/sam  balthazar/gabriel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [R]  princess_aleera  au  au-critterfic  Dean:angel  Sam:angel 
august 2012 by dossier1013
candygramme: "Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" MasterPost
Summary: Rescued from an intergalactic natural history museum, where he was held in stasis since his 21st birthday, Jensen is now 300 years in the future. Sadly, he's not exactly living happily ever after with Jared, and misunderstandings are making him miserable. When Chris and Steve invite the two of them to Mars, he finds that he has to make a terrifying decision - one that will change his life forever. This is the sequel to "5,000 Light Years From Home"
rpf  jared/jensen  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  candygramme  tobearchived 
august 2012 by dossier1013
spn_j2_bigbang: Fic: Where the Wild Roses Grow -
Cas is a human with the ability to exorcise demons, hidden away by the Order to protect his bloodline. He meets a young man at work with a billion mega watt grin, how was he to know it was his ancestral enemy – the Morrigan, and what it means to love someone like that.
spn  dean/castiel  seraphim_grace  challenge:spn_j2_bigbang  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [R] 
june 2012 by dossier1013
roque_clasique: Fic: Swing Low, 1/2
Summary: Purgatory was a held breath, a closed eye, an unrelenting ache: this was its power. Suspended hope.
toberead  spn  gen  dean_w  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [PG13]  roque_clasique  season_7  spn:ep:SurvivalOfTheFittest 
june 2012 by dossier1013
a_carnal_mink: [dcbb fic] Living In A Godless Universe - 1/3
Summary: In the immediate aftermath of 6x22, Castiel and Jimmy Novak are forced to take drastic steps to defeat the new "god" and purgatory souls. In a last-ditch effort to enlist the Winchesters' help, Jimmy makes the ultimate sacrifice, resulting in Claire and Amelia Novak's abrupt re-entry to the supernatural world. From the throne hall of the fairy realm to the gift shop at Niagara Falls, Dean's happy for the godlessness in their lives.
toberead  spn  dean/castiel  yr:2011  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  a_carnal_mink  challenge:deancasbigbang 
june 2012 by dossier1013
cloudy_fic: FIC: Walk a Mile, NC-17, 1/2
Summary: Gabriel's deal is worth saving Bobby's life. Still, being stuck as a woman for three weeks is not Dean's idea of a good time.
spn  dean/castiel  sam/gabriel  gabriel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  cloudyjenn  genderswitch  Dean:girl  angelexmachina  kidfic-progeny 
april 2012 by dossier1013
The Curious Case of the Origami - auburn, eretria - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock Holmes has few friends and the few friends he has have strange ideas for appropriate birthday gifts, as John discovers in the course of yet another peculiar investigation.
sherlock  gen  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [PG]  eretria  auburnnothenna 
april 2012 by dossier1013
triedunture: Supernatural fic: The One Where They're Squirrels (We Regret Nothing)
Summary: Think Watership Down or The Rats of Nimh. And then lower your expectations. Dean and Sam are common gray squirrels just trying to survive when they meet a mysterious new creature. We're being serious here.
spn  dean/castiel  triedunture  brokentoy  au-critterfic  Dean:squirrel  Sam:squirrel  Castiel:squirrel  len:10001-30000  [PG] 
april 2012 by dossier1013
entangledsheets: Head For The Exits; Masterpost
Summary: Dean's life in the Edge City PD is going swimmingly: There's a masked vigilante prowling his rooftops and nursing a crush on him; a serial murderer who's too damn smart for his own good; his partner is so new she still smells like polish, and he can't quite work up the nerve to ask out the coffee guy across the road.
au-superheroes  temporalranger  spn  dean/castiel  yr:2011  len:10001-30000  [NC17] 
march 2012 by dossier1013
murron: fic: the overflow 1/2 [spn]
Summary: Café owner Tamàs walks his dog near Bockboot reservoir when he stumbles upon a man with no memory. Welcoming the stranger to his home, Tamàs has no idea who he’s dealing with until two FBI agents blow into town, investigating a series of mysterious disappearances.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  murron  season_7  spn:ep:BornAgainIdentity  au  au-alt-canon 
march 2012 by dossier1013
gedry: I Ain't Been Nothin But Bad - Gabriel Big Bang - Masterpost
Summary:Richard's been working as the Director of the Nice list for over a hundred years, he's good at his job, helping Santa and his other elves make Christmas happen on time for all the human boys and girls. But this year is different, this year he has to work with the new Director of the Naughty list, Misha Collins. Which wouldn't be a problem if he hadn't been Richard's drunken one night stand the night before he started. But they're both professionals, how hard can it be to get the job done?
rpf  richard/misha  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  gedry  holiday:christmas  challenge:gabriel_bigbang  elves 
march 2012 by dossier1013
no one takes your freedom - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel is the angel who pulled Dean Winchester out of perdition, and Jimmy Novak is the man who is his vessel - and so this is his story, the story of the man with the angel as he watches the angel of Thursday discover humanity and the Winchesters and all the things that come with it (and them).
spn  gen  dean/castiel  jimmy_novak  yr:2011  len:10001-30000  [PG]  tasogareika  season_4 
march 2012 by dossier1013
la_reverenda: [spn] Trade Show, Cas/Dean
Summary: AU. Dean meets a guy at a trade show. Your basic tale of love and promotional items.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [R]  au  au-contemporary  la_reverenda  Castiel:color-blind 
march 2012 by dossier1013
tristinai: SPN: It's in Your Eyes, Where the Shadows Lie
Summary: Jimmy Novak has been working as Dean Smith's secretary for the last two years. After two years of crushing on his employer, Jimmy and Dean finally go out on a date. However, unknown to Dean, Castiel has also taken an interest in him and Dean's stalker will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.
spn  dean/castiel  dean/jimmy  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  sandover-verse  toberead  challenge:dc_dystopia 
march 2012 by dossier1013
fine_feathered: Magpies (Part 1)
Summary: Castiel is a small town priest with a mysterious past. One ill-fated evening he prays for an end to his loneliness. He's heard, but not by Heaven. Dean Winchester is a demon from Hell and he hails the call. But not everything is as it seems.(Note: As this AU is set in the present, Dean was sent to hell in the 80's. As such he also knows that Sam is already dead.)
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2012  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  fine_feathered  au  Dean:demon  toberead 
march 2012 by dossier1013

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