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After Endor, everyone's suddenly clearing out, just like that. Like once you win a damn war, there's no reason to stick around. Han's got a bad feeling about that.

Lando just wants to have dinner.

And Leia would love to know more about Han's past.
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may 2016 by ineptshieldmaid
I’ve learned it by habit, now I know how to wait - jannika - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
She’d wanted to play a part. She didn't want to be in charge, she didn’t want to be proper. She wanted to be like a hotel below a bar, like layers of city below others, just for the night. They’d smiled at her like she’d issued a challenge when she mentioned it, offhand.

Post-ROTJ. Leia, Han, and Lando, a seedy bar, a cheap hotel room, and a plan for the night. Established three-person relationship. Shameless porn.
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april 2016 by ineptshieldmaid
the reason for stars -- 'tell me about how Han Leia and Lando was a thing at some point'
“What’s the difference between a smuggler and a con man?” Leia asks Lando once, a late night when the briefings are starting to blur before her eyes and she’s cursing the day she ever heard of the Rebellion.

“You thinking of a career change, Commander?” Lando asks, glancing up from his datapad to grin at her.

“Maybe,” she says with as much chilly dignity as he can muster, though it shatters he laughs, and she smiles with him. “So, what’s the difference?”

“Not much. A smuggler takes what he wants and runs,” Lando says, nodding to where Han is slumped over his data-pad, snoring faintly. “It’s about finding, and holding onto. Knowing how much it’s worth.”

“And a con man?”

“A con man—well.” Lando grins. “If he’s very good, a con man doesn’t have to take it, he doesn’t even have to find it. A con man walks in the door, and convinces you that all you’ve ever wanted is to give it to him.”
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