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How to do a proper squat
February 10, 2020 | The Globe and Mail | by PAUL LANDINI, SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL
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3 strength standards for men
The exercise: Barbell back squat
Average joe: 1.5x bodyweight
Above average: 1.75x bodyweight
Superhero: 2.5x bodyweight

Boost your numbers: If you’re falling short on strength, try adding box squats to your routine. They help build explosiveness in your lower body and allow you to lift more weight when you head back to traditional back squats. Also, focus on putting squats into your program 2-3 times a week, but only go heavy 1-2 times. Keep the other days lighter and focus on form.
The exercise: Barbell deadlift
Average joe: 1.5x bodyweight
Above average: 2x bodyweight
Superhero: 2.75x bodyweight

Boost your numbers: try working on form. Most guys stand too far back from the bar and limit themselves from the get-go. Have your form on point? Try mixing in rack pulls where the bar is set at shin height. Having a shorter distance to go allows the lifter to load on more weight and boost strength.
The exercise: Barbell bench press
Average joe: 1x bodyweight
Above average: 1.5x bodyweight
Superhero: 2x bodyweight

Boost your numbers: think about getting away from traditional bench pressing for a few weeks and substituting with floor pressing. Similar to the box squat, floor presses will help you develop explosive power in your upper body, and strengthen your triceps and accessory muscle groups. Also, don’t forget that overall shoulder strength and balance are important for increasing your bench. Don’t neglect pulling movements, including heavy rows and pullups.
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november 2019 by jerryking
100 Squats a day for STRONGER LEGS "NO WEIGHTS" - Bam Baam - YouTube
YouTubessa voit nauttia parhaista videoista ja musiikista, ladata alkuperäistä sisältöä ja jakaa kaiken ystäviesi, perheesi ja koko maailman kanssa.
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september 2019 by kemuri
Mordechai Schiller on Twitter: "I get a similar problem with night leg cramps https://t.co/tGLOBQMkjW I found that calcium (aka Tums) relieves them. Also walking. People recommended magnesium, salt, and potassium. So I started drinking Powerade https://t.
(On potential remedies to restless-leg syndrome—)
“I get a similar problem with night leg cramps https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/night-leg-cramps/basics/definition/sym-20050813 I found that calcium (aka Tums) relieves them. Also walking. People recommended magnesium, salt, and potassium. So I started drinking Powerade, which has all 4.”
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Jonathon Owen on Twitter: "I see that a lot of people already recommended magnesium supplements. Some studies have shown success with iron supplementation too. Apparently brain iron can be low even when blood iron is fine.… https://t.co/S5eI61VWWA"
(Jonathon Owen on iron potentially helping with restless-leg syndrome—)
“I see that a lot of people already recommended magnesium supplements. Some studies have shown success with iron supplementation too. Apparently brain iron can be low even when blood iron is fine.

“I take iron occasionally on really bad nights, and it seems to help, but it’s hard to tell with an n of 1, you know?

“You can get a lumbar puncture to test the iron in your cerebrospinal fluid, or you can get an MRI, but I haven’t done either of those yet.

“Here’s more on that:

“But mostly I take magnesium (100 percent of the RDA and sometimes more on bad nights). Again, it seems to help, but it’s not a cure.”
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