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The distinction between input-oriented & output-oriented has been most influential in
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A Brighter Look at Milgram's Obedience Study | Mises Institute
If the legitimacy of the state arises from the people's consent, then the prospects for a free society largely depend on the psychological processes of the individual members of society. That is to say, if people's psychological processes are designed for a social order in which there exists an institution that uses force to acquire resources and that monopolizes protection and defense — to use Rothbard's description of the state — then the prospects of a free society stand little chance. If, however, people's psychological processes are designed best to maintain order through bottom-up techniques (e.g., by natural social order developing through a mutual and cultural acceptance of what is appropriate for coexistence in peace), then Rothbard's vision stands a very good chance.
Pol.11  Pol.12  Pol._120  state  authority  Power_materials  legitimacy  Violence_y_Power 
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How Viktor Orban Bends Hungarian Society to His Will - The New York Times
It is a testament to the scope of Mr. Orban’s program for remaking Hungary that part of the far-right leader’s message is now woven into the school curriculum.

For the past eight years, Mr. Orban has waged a systemic assault on the hardware of Hungary’s democracy — rewriting the national Constitution, reshaping the judiciary and tweaking the electoral system to favor his Fidesz party. Less conspicuously, Mr. Orban is also trying to recode the software of Hungary’s democracy — its cultural sphere, civil society and education system.
Trump  authority  Latino  war  fear  state  Leadership  Violence_y_Power  Power_materials  legitimacy 
12 weeks ago by Jibarosoy
Why Americans Don't Vote in the Midterm Elections - The Atlantic
The great myth of America’s participatory democracy is that people actually participate. In the 2016 election—the controversial, generation-defining 2016 election—61 percent of voting-age citizens cast a ballot, according to census data. And that was a presidential year. The last time America held midterm elections, 42 percent of voting-age citizens participated. This has been the trend for midterms for at least the past four decades: Turnout hovers at or below half of voting-age citizens.
Pol.11  democracy  voting  elections  Power_in_America  state  legitimacy 
november 2018 by Jibarosoy
Why Everything Seems Broken -- Fixing the Failing Nation State
While facing these challenges from above, the nation-state is equally being threatened from below with a rejection by its people of its political ruling class. Advances in technology, through radio, television and later computer technology – and in particular the internet – has brought an unparalleled transparency.

The most important implications of this transparency are twofold. Firstly, transparency has made it clear to all the differing living standards of the world. Secondly, the human fallibility and foibles of our elected political elite are on display as never before.
Power_materials  Latino  war  state  Violence_y_Power  nations  Pol.11  legitimacy 
november 2018 by Jibarosoy
The cause of legitimate power is, in great measure, the cause of all people’s life as political beings. The more we dive into each part of this work, the more we see the certainty of the principles on which this work is founded. Many circumstances vital to the argument are neither local nor historical, but are, in fact, universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of humankind are affected, and in the event of which, not only their affections but also their reason are interested. The laying of a regime that desolates with fire and sword, with the oppressive divine laws, and with the a brutal and despotic concept of legality, is at war with the natural rights of humankind. As long as usurpation of power and ignorance of the people’s right are the case, and extirpating the defenders of rights from the face of the earth is the concern of every person to whom nature has given power, the present study is not a choice but a duty.
Latino  war  POWER  state  Violence_y_Power  Power_materials  legitimacy 
october 2018 by Jibarosoy
(8730) The Intellectual Dark Web is Afraid of Marx - YouTube
The Intellectual Dark Web is Afraid of Marx
punch line - the image of status - imaginary - bought // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUY_zEkVz88 - The Intellectual Dark Web Doesn't Understand Marx
Jordan  Peterson  Marx  Capitalism  legitimacy  Status  Anxiety  Sociology  Alain  de  Botton  individualism  hyper  Philosophy  Politics  LGBT  collective  collectivism  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neo-marxist 
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Michael Kang - Gerrymandering and the Constitutional Norm Against Government Partisanship (2017) :: SSRN
Win election law prize - Michigan Law Review, Vol. 116, No. 3, Dec. 2017, Forthcoming- Emory Legal Studies Research Paper
71 Pages
Posted: 17 Aug 2017; Last revised: 28 Oct 2017
Michael S. Kang, Emory University School of Law
The Article challenges the basic premise in the law of partisan gerrymandering that government partisan purpose is constitutional at all. The central problem, Justice Scalia once explained in Vieth v. Jubelirer, is that partisan gerrymandering becomes unconstitutional only when it “has gone too far,” giving rise to the intractable inquiry into “how much is too much.” But the premise that partisanship is an ordinary and lawful purpose, articulated as settled law and widely understood as such, is largely wrong as constitutional doctrine. The Article surveys constitutional law to demonstrate the vitality of an important, if implicit norm against government partisanship across a variety of settings. From political patronage, to government speech, to election administration and even in redistricting itself, Vieth is the exception in failing to bar tribal partisanship as a legitimate state interest in lawmaking. The puzzle therefore is why the Supreme Court in Vieth diverged from this overarching norm for legislative redistricting where the need for government nonpartisanship is most acute and so rarely met. The Article proposes a purpose-focused approach that identifies partisanship as an illegitimate basis for lawmaking and requires the government to justify its redistricting with reference to legitimate state interests beyond partisanship, irrespective of extreme partisan effects. The importance of consolidating and reifying the norm against government partisanship, in its most salient legal context, cannot be overstated at a time when hyperpolarization between the major parties dominates national politics and is at its most severe in our lifetime.
Keywords: gerrymandering, redistricting, Whitford v. Gill, partisanship, parties, Bandemer
constitutional_law  political_participation  Evernote  gerrymandering  public_interest  SSRN  accountability  partisanship  liberalism-public_reason  democracy  article  downloaded  US_constitution  corruption  legitimacy  SCOTUS  elections 
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